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RESULTS for @Vaccines

This week @Vaccines is curated by Laura Kerr, Policy Advocacy Officer (Child Health) with RESULTS UK and passionate grassroots campaigner for universal immunisation around the world.

Immunisation is one of RESULTS UK’s core issues as part of our goal of improving global health, especially for the poorest and most marginalised individuals, families, and communities in developing countries. We believe every child deserves equitable access to immunisation. This is one of the most important health interventions available, protects against preventable illnesses and stops unnecessary deaths. RESULTS is part of ACTION, a global health advocacy partnership. Together we work collectively on increasing resources and creating better policies to tackle inequitable access to immunisations.

After an exciting World Immunisation Week in London, Laura will be sharing her thoughts and reflections around the key themes of the previous week and why immunisation stories are important in the other 51 weeks of the year.

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