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Shot@Life champion for @Vaccines

This week we welcome Dr. Purvi Parikh, doctor, advocate and Clinical Assistant Professor at New York University School of Medicine, to @Vaccines! As an adult and paediatric allergist and immunologist, she is passionate about immunisation and vaccinates children and adults on a daily basis. She also educates communities on the importance of vaccinations.

In addition to her medical work, Dr. Parikh is a champion and spokesperson for Shot@Life, whose Champion Summit in Washington DC she will be tweeting from over the next few days. As part of her work with Shot@Life, she was chosen to travel with them to Zambia as part of a fellowship, and last year participated in a vaccine panel with Zoe Saldana and Aaron Sherinian representing the organisation.

But her public advocacy doesn’t stop there. She also has her own monthly column in Us News and World Report to inform patients about pertinent medical issues,  with a focus on vaccinations. Her monthly columns have frequently emphasised the importance of vaccines and one in particular focused on the work of organisations such as Shot@Life, Gavi, and UNICEF abroad.

Follow her @Vaccines this week to find out more about her latest vaccine advocacy, and the wonderful work of Shot@Life !

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