22 September 2021

The Long View: Cholera and the inequitable origins of public health diplomacy

The arrival of cholera on European shores in the 19th Century helped kick off the long path towards modern global health institutions and diplomacy. However, these beginnings were anything but fair.

27 August 2021

Fighting both COVID-19 and cholera: Health workers, community leaders work around the clock in Nigeria

With COVID-19 stretching the healthcare system in many parts of Nigeria, health workers and community leaders have to go the extra mile to ensure vaccines reach victims of the country’s latest cholera outbreak.

23 August 2021

From volcano to outbreak: curbing the spread of cholera in the DRC

Aid agencies in Goma are joining efforts to contain cholera in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) after the eruption of the Nyiragongo.

10 August 2021

The Long View: John Snow and the Pump Handle of Public Health

The narrative of the Broad Street pump is the story of a vital epidemiological discovery; it’s also a story about discovery: it has the tidy, conclusive quality of a fable about science. But in the years after its discovery, John Snow’s theory of water-borne disease had to overcome a familiar enemy of good public health: politics.

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