12 November 2021

Two-strike Ebola vaccine enters human trials

The vaccine, which is based on the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, is designed to target both the Zaire and Sudan species of Ebola virus.

10 September 2021

Review: Survivors – Hope and Resilience in the Time of Ebola

The Sierra Leonean documentary is a complex portrait of courageous solidarity amid contagion.

20 August 2021

The Long View: Clothing Against Death

In the absence of good vaccines, doctors treating epidemic diseases must rely on cumbersome PPE as their one safety net. At least modern hazmat suits, unlike the 17th century plague doctor's all-leather outfit, actually work.

29 June 2021

Guinea declares Ebola epidemic over

Guinea declares end of Ebola outbreak after 42 days without new cases. Outbreak resulted in 23 likely cases, 12 deaths since February. Success attributed to community buy-in, capacity building and vaccination.

2 June 2021

Why COVID-19 variants got new Greek names

Calling variants by their country of origin has politicised the pandemic response, leading to countries being blamed and people originating from those countries stigmatised and targeted – sometimes violently. Now, the World Health Organization is advising people to use a new, neutral naming system.

3 May 2021

Why routine immunisation is vital for pandemic preparedness

Trying to control a pandemic can feel like being in a warzone, yet even as we fight COVID-19 we still need to keep one eye on the future and potential emerging pandemics. Dr Velislava Petrova, senior manager in vaccine policy and investment at Gavi, explains why.

29 March 2021

A year of #VaccinesWork in 10 articles looking at vaccine-preventable diseases other than COVID-19

To mark the first anniversary of #VaccinesWork, we look back at some of the most read articles on diseases other than COVID-19 during an unprecedented year for global health.

19 March 2021

The next pandemic: Ebola?

Ebola has so far only affected African countries, and occasional cases outside of the continent have been rapidly contained. But the virus could mutate to spread more easily between people, making it more of a pandemic threat.

17 March 2021

Dormant virus reawakening may have triggered Ebola outbreak

Genetic sequencing has linked the recent outbreak of Ebola disease to a survivor of the 2014-16 West Africa epidemic, meaning the virus could have laid dormant in one survivor for over five years. What does this mean for our efforts to control the disease?

12 March 2021

Why Ebola is back in Guinea and why the response must be different this time

The virus is always present in nature and when circumstances allow, it may jump from one species to another.

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