A collection of articles explaining the facts behind immunisation and vaccines.

17 June 2021

Seven ways in which COVID-19 could change the way we fight infectious diseases

The pandemic turned our normal ways of working upside down, but there are several ways in which the new normal could bring improvements in the way we fight disease.

16 June 2021

Why we still need R&D into COVID-19 vaccines

There are now 17 COVID-19 vaccines approved for emergency use, but as the virus continues to evolve, here is why we can’t pull the plug on research into new vaccines and therapeutics.

16 June 2021

How COVID-19 will damage the lives of African children for decades to come

Although the coronavirus doesn’t cause disease and death in children as much as it does in adults, many children around the world are vulnerable to the collateral damage wreaked by the pandemic.

15 June 2021

Does a plant-based diet really help beat COVID-19?

A new paper suggests that plant- and fish-based diets lessen the chance of developing severe symptoms – but hold off from becoming vegetarian or pescatarian for now.

15 June 2021

Five things we know about the Delta variant (and two things we don't)

The Delta (B.1.617.2) variant of SARS CoV-2 was first detected in India and is rapidly spreading around the world. Here’s what we know about it so far.

14 June 2021

Why speaking without a mask is the easiest way to spread COVID-19

COVID-19 virus particles can be spread via coughing, sneezing, breathing or speech, but the latter is one of the most effective ways of spreading. Here is why talking without a mask indoors could be one of the easiest ways to spread the infection.

11 June 2021

Do COVID-19 vaccines affect menstruation and fertility?

Ever since the pandemic started there have been news headlines speculating about the effect of the vaccines on our reproductive system, but what does the science tell us?

11 June 2021

From the great plague to the 1918 flu, history shows that disease outbreaks make inequality worse

Accounts of previous epidemics – by Samuel Pepys, Daniel Defoe and Katherine Porter – warn of mistakes that we risk repeating.

9 June 2021

The ‘black fungus’ epidemic hitting COVID-19 patients in India

Amid the 28.4 million cases and over 300 thousand deaths from SARS-CoV-2, a second epidemic has hit India. ‘Black fungus’, clinically known as mucormycosis, is an infection currently affecting nearly 12,000 immunocompromised patients recovering from COVID-19. But what is this infection and what does it mean for health systems?

9 June 2021

The mystery of 'long COVID': up to 1 in 3 people who catch the virus suffer for months. Here's what we know so far

While we don't know exactly what causes it yet, there are a few theories put forward by a few researchers around the world.

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