A collection of articles explaining the facts behind immunisation and vaccines.

20 September 2021

Reaching zero-dose children in Malawi’s cities

In Malawi urban areas have more unimmunised zero-dose children than rural regions. The government is working hard to close the immunisation gap.

17 September 2021

Even a quarter dose of Moderna vaccine triggers strong immune response

Although it’s not clear how this compares to the full dose licensed worldwide for emergency use, a quarter of a dose produces an equivalent immune response to immunity from infection.

10 September 2021

We’re getting closer to a vaccine against Chikungunya

Launch of vaccine trial marks “significant milestone” towards beating this debilitating disease.

8 September 2021

Study of 6.2 million Americans shows no significant side effects from COVID-19 RNA vaccines

A study looking at health issues such as stroke or seizures after COVID-19 vaccination showed that vaccines weren’t linked to any significant number of side effects.

7 September 2021

How improved yellow fever diagnostics are transforming management of the disease

Gavi has supported a major expansion in yellow fever diagnostic capacity in Africa over the past three years. The results show just how much improving diagnostics can have a cost-effective yet significant impact on immunisation programmes.

3 September 2021

Why helping countries deliver COVID-19 vaccines is just as vital as boosting supply

Getting COVID-19 vaccines out to countries isn’t just about ensuring supply – a major stumbling block can be their ‘absorptive capacity,’ or the ability to deliver the volume of vaccine coming their way. Here, we talk to Alex de Jonquieres, Director of Health Systems & Immunisation Strengthening at Gavi, about supporting countries in delivering their doses.

31 August 2021

People who have already had COVID-19 could be less likely to catch Delta than the vaccinated

A new study from Israel suggests the risk of a breakthrough infection among vaccinated people was higher than among people who’d previously had COVID-19 but had not been vaccinated. However the greatest benefit came to those who'd previously recovered from COVID-19 and received a vaccine dose.

31 August 2021

COVID variants: we spoke to the experts designing a single vaccine to defeat them all

A universal vaccine has been described as the ‘holy grail’ – but how close are we to getting one?

27 August 2021

Poorly ventilated schools are a super-spreader event waiting to happen. It may be as simple as opening windows

With evidence showing the COVID virus is airborne, it's no coincidence many outbreaks in schools have occurred in winter – when windows are closed.

26 August 2021

Combining seasonal malaria vaccination with chemoprevention can cut malaria deaths in children by 70%

A new study suggests the RTS,S malaria vaccine alone is as effective as preventive antimalarials; together they could save thousands of lives.

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