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The Art of @Vaccines

Behind every vaccine is at least one great mind – someone who had the vision, intelligence, persistence and patience to develop, test, fail, and test again – often over the course of years. The result of this couldn’t be more dramatic – a distilled dose of protection against a disease that otherwise would sicken or kill. These are the people who will gather at TEDMED in Palm Springs this week, and Christine McNab will be there with them, offering an artistic vision of their work.

Christine will be presenting The Art of Saving a Life, a collection of almost forty artworks commissioned by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Produced by  some of the world’s leading artists, the collection tells the story of how vaccines are changing the world. As the project’s creator and curator, Christine will be walking us through the pieces and the immunisation issues they tackle – join her for a creative perspective @Vaccines!

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