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@Vaccines: a global relay to defeat diarrhoea

This week we welcome Erika Amaya Kuempel, a digital communications officer for PATH, to the @Vaccines Twitter handle! She has worked on a variety of vaccine-related projects under PATH’s Center for Vaccine Innovation and Access (CVIA), but her primary focus has been on childhood diarrhoea as a part of team @DefeatDD. As a global health best buy, vaccines have a crucial role to play in reducing the burden of diarrhoeal diseases. Vaccines for rotavirus, the leading cause of deadly childhood diarrhoea, are already working to prevent illness and reduce diarrhoea-related hospitalisations in the countries where they’ve been introduced. Erika is also excited about the potential for new vaccines to add to the arsenal that can help prevent other leading causes of diarrhoea, including ETEC and Shigella. As part of an integrated approach to child health – including breastfeeding, proper nutrition, access to water and sanitation, and treatment with ORS/zinc – Erika firmly believes that vaccines can help bring an end to the global diarrhoea crisis. This week, Erika is looking forward to sharing highlights from the Vaccines for Enteric Diseases meeting taking place in Portugal. She’ll also be sharing stories of progress and success from the broader vaccine community and participating in #overtakeDD, a 24-hour, global Twitter relay dedicated to widening our lead against diarrhoeal disease. Tune in  all this week and follow the relay on 11th October to get involved!

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