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@Vaccines for African Vaccination Week

Joining @Vaccines this week to spread the word that #VaccinesWork, is Fiona Braka, a vaccine advocate from Nigeria. Having spent her public health career so far working on vaccines, Fiona has seen first hand their life-saving impact, from the closure of measles wards in Uganda, to the promising progress against polio in Nigeria. There is no doubt for Fiona that the benefits of vaccines are real, and that they hold the promise for disease control and eradication.

As part of the African Vaccination Week, over the next four days, Fiona will be sharing experiences from Nigeria, a country taking bold and innovative action to turn the tide towards reaching thousands of unimmunised children, and engaging a range of immunisation champions to galvanise support. She believes we have a shared responsibility to safeguard the current and future generations by ensuring all children, wherever they are, have a shot at life for a bright and productive future.

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