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@Vaccines work to #EndPolio

The goal of eradicating polio has never been closer. This year there have been the fewest ever cases in the fewest ever places, giving us all hope that a polio-free world is in reach.

This World Polio Week, @Vaccines is curated by Michel Zaffran (@michelzaffran), Director of the Polio Eradication Department at the World Health Organization (@WHO). Over the next week, Michel will be sharing stories about unsung heroes on the frontline, disease detectives running the polio surveillance system, parents overcoming cultural barriers to vaccinate their child, and the global commitment that it takes to wipe a disease from the face of the earth.

On the 24th October, Michel will be tweeting about the activities taking place globally to mark World Polio Day. Use the #EndPolio and #WorldPolioDay to join him in the movement to end polio for good.

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