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Boukar Beni, Hygiene Promoter at Minawao camp for displaced persons, Cameroon.


“Here in Minawao, our problem at the moment is cholera. Since the day before yesterday, we have started to give the vaccination against cholera to people. We must help people. People may have been suffering since last year. We have started to vaccinate people against cholera. Every day we give as many as 700 people as many as 800, 900.

We want to rid this place of cholera. It’s because of that, that we have now done this. Water is also essential. We tell people that cleaning is essential. You have to clean where you sleep. You have to clean everything – clean the material, where you wash your hands. Even eating, you have to wash before eating. That is what we are are explaining to people.”

Boukar spoke to Gavi in 2015. Learn more about cholera vaccines in Cameroon here

This World Water Day, you can also read about a new cholera vaccine here.

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