12 Days of COVAX

All around the world, COVAX deliveries are helping to protect frontline health workers, reach nomadic communities, reunite families and allow schools to reopen. Since deliveries began in March, #VaccinesWork has been publishing snapshots that show the impact these vaccines are having on the every day lives of families worldwide.

  • 24 December 2021
  • 4 min read
  • by Elinore Court
Banner design by Miko
Banner design by Miko


To celebrate the vital work COVAX has been doing throughout 2021, we will be highlighting one article a day until Christmas: our very own 12 Days of COVAX.

Day 12 – Nomads in lockdown: COVAX reaches the Mongolian steppes

"Together we can overcome this pandemic" – Bolormaa Darling is a Nomadic herder in Mongolia. She says it’s “difficult to be imprisoned” but thanks to COVAX, she has received the vaccine and has hope for the future.

Gavaa is vaccinated.


Day 11 – A Ghanaian doctor’s perspective on COVID-19 vaccine inequity

"Poorer nations would benefit significantly from increased access to vaccines" – Doctor Maame Yaa Acheampong has seen first hand the challenges of #COVID19 vaccine inequity in Ghana's hospitals.

Nurse administering vaccine to middle-aged man. Gavi/2021/Jeffrey Atsuson

Day 10 – The COVAX Humanitarian Buffer Explained

The #COVAX Buffer was created to protect high-risk groups caught in conflict zones or humanitarian settings. It's core aim: to leave no-one behind.

The COVAX Humanitarian Buffer Explained

Day 9 – Convincing nomadic populations to get the jab in Northern Kenya

Community leaders and health workers educating the Gosha people of Northern Kenya about #COVID19 vaccines has meant the vaccination rollout has gained pace and “citizens have expressed their trust in vaccines received under #COVAX”.

An outreach held to raise awareness about COVID-19 vaccines among the Gosha community. Design by Miko


Day 8 – “Losing my job wasn’t the biggest problem”: A family’s journey through COVID-19 in Ghana

“You can’t imagine what getting the vaccine meant to us” – when #COVAX doses reached Ghana, one beneficiary described it as a “ray of hope that replaced some of the grimness of the past year.” Read more about the impact in Ghana.

Credit: Rodney Quarcoo


Day 7 – No vaccine, no entry

“Overseas they are hosting big festivals. We want to do the same. We can achieve that through vaccinating” – #COVAX deliveries of #COVID19 vaccines are bringing hope for the future for the sports & entertainment communities of Eswatini.

Entertainers and artists during the first activity of Jove'lindustry Campaign.


Day 6 – How vaccines "demolished the wall" COVID-19 built between Nigerians and their loved ones

“There were times at the height of the pandemic when I feared I may not see my grandchildren again” – #COVID19 vaccines are bringing loved ones back together. Here is a snapshot of those reunions in Nigeria.

Friends reunited after COVID vaccine


Day 5 – “My world became smaller”: How COVID-19 vaccines are fighting stigmatisation in Nigeria

“Life is better for me now as the weight of stigmatisation has been lifted by my taking the COVID-19 vaccine” - here's how #COVID19 vaccines are fighting discrimination in Nigeria.

Gavi/2020/Maya Hautefeuille Deign by Miko


Day 4 – COVAX vaccines lead drive to reopen Uganda’s schools

Vaccine champions like Rehema Faridah in Uganda are urging fellow teachers to get vaccinated so that schools across the country can finally reopen. #COVAX deliveries are helping to ensure children receive an education.

Josephine Nakaayi (left), a teacher at City Primary School, and Rehema Faridah (right), a teacher at Rosa Kindergarten and Primary shortly after they both received their first vaccine doses. Photo by Evelyn Lirri – Design by Miko
Josephine Nakaayi (left), a teacher at City Primary School, and Rehema Faridah (right), a teacher at Rosa Kindergarten and Primary shortly after they both received their first vaccine doses.
Photo by Evelyn Lirri – Design by Miko

Day 3 – COVID-19 vaccines help routine immunisation become routine again in Nigeria

“I felt glad because I knew my child would be immunised" - Routine immunisation took a hit in Nigeria amid the pandemic. Thanks to the arrival of #COVID19 vaccines, children are again getting the protection they need.

Mothers attend a vaccination session in Ondo State, Nigeria – Design by Miko


Day 2 – Protecting a different kind of frontline worker in Liberia

“I decided to take the vaccine because I know that it is helpful to society”- market sellers and motorcycle taxi drivers in Liberia are at higher risk of contracting #COVID19. Protecting them is critical to containing the spread of the virus

Design by Miko


Day 1 – “A ray of sunshine”: COVAX vaccines reinvigorate health workers

The delivery of vaccines has gone a long way to alleviating the fears and pressure on healthcare workers in Eswatini. Here they explain why the arrival of #COVAX doses was a “ray of sunshine” for health workers.

Matron Nurse Sibongile Simelane inspecting the emergency ward and staff prior to the arrival of a COVID-19 patient. Credit: Nonduduzo Kunene/Miko