Gavi's business model

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Our unique public-private business model helps ensure that generations of children do not miss out on life-saving vaccines.

Drawing on the individual strengths of the Alliance partners, Gavi pools country demand, guarantees long-term, predictable funding and brings down prices.

The Gavi model in action 

Leveraging economies of scale

Gavi aggregates demand from the world’s poorest countries, sending a clear signal to manufacturers of a large and viable market for vaccines. Gavi-supported countries represent more than half of the world’s birth cohort.

Long-term funding

All countries pay a share of the cost of their Gavi-supported vaccines. As a country’s income grows, its co-financing payments gradually increase to cover the full cost of vaccines.

Predictable, long-term donor support is another cornerstone of our model. It provides the security for countries to adopt vaccine programmes. It also makes it possible for manufacturers to make new investments in production capacity.

Shaping markets

Two mothers with their children outside a basic health centre in Nigeria during a routine vaccination session. Credit: GAVI/2013/Adrian Brooks.

Through our market shaping efforts we influence the markets for vaccines and other products. Manufacturers are better able to plan their production and supply the right vaccines at more affordable prices.

Accelerating access and improving systems

Our strong business model allows us to help countries introduce new vaccines. We support countries in improving their health and immunisation systems to increase coverage and reach every child.

Virtuous cycle

Greater immunisation coverage leads to healthier, more productive populations and greater prosperity. This, in turn, means countries are better able to pay for their vaccine programmes and eventually transition out of our support.


1.5 million

In 2012, approximately 6.6 million children died before the age of five. WHO estimates that 1.5 million of these deaths are due to vaccine-preventable diseases.


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