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The Gavi Board establishes all policies, oversees the operations of the Vaccine Alliance and monitors programme implementation.

List by year of all Board meetings with links to full minutes, the decisions and downloads of 'Final Minutes' documents.


Board Decisions

31 December 2023

Early Notice of RFP Opportunities for Gavi Evaluations

The Centralised Evaluation Team (CET) within the Evaluation and Learning Unit (EvLU) at Gavi is responsible for the commissioning and day-to-day management of evaluations, including ensuring the utility, quality and timely delivery of evaluation reports and disseminating the findings. The document provides information on the current pipeline of centralized evaluations to be commissioned in 2023 through future RFPs.

28 April 2023

RFP: Measles Rapid Diagnostic Test Deployment Pilot Study

Gavi The Vaccine Alliance is seeking a firm that will provide support in improving availability and use of fit-for-purpose measles IgM Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTs). Such measles IgM RDTs are expected to be available by the 1st quarter of 2024. Efforts to improve access to and use of measles IgM RDTs will be aided by measures including pooling procurement across low- and middle-income countries eligible for Gavi funding support and supporting the development of guidance on how to best deploy such tests to guide immunization programme decision making.

4 April 2023

RFP: Enhancing Management of EPI programmes through strategic use of data

Gavi The Vaccine Alliance and its Health System Strengthening Team (HSIS) are seeking a partner or a consortium of partners that will provide Technical Assistance to enhance country leadership and management capacity to improve EPI performance, strengthen national oversight committees, support relevant provincial/district level committees for Immunization and support Government National EPI teams.

31 March 2023

RFP: Appel d’Offres - Prestation d'audit des programmes Gavi

L'Audit des Programmes, en tant qu'unité au sein de A&I, réalise des audits de programmes dans les pays partenaires, afin d'évaluer si les soutiens de Gavi de quelque nature qu’ils soient, incluant les fonds, les vaccins, les équipements, les fournitures, et les supports techniques, ont été utilisés de manière efficace, efficiente et conformément aux accords établis. L'audit prend en compte à la fois les dimensions financières et programmatiques. Afin de soutenir son équipe principale à Genève, l'unité d'Audit des Programmes recherche l’appui de sociétés de services professionnels pour effectuer des audits de programmes dans les pays sélectionnés.

31 March 2023

RFP: Appel d’offres Assistance Technique aux Pays (RFP AT)_AT provincial

Gavi, L’Alliance du Vaccin et son équipe Country Support recherchent des organisation ou un groupe d’organisations afin de supporter les activités d’Assistance Technique provinciale pour la vaccination de routine et le Plan Mashako 2.0 et les activités d’Assistance Technique pour le Fonds Accélérateur de l’Equite (FAE) en République Démocratique du Congo.

31 March 2023

RFP: MICs Approach Services Providers

Gavi is seeking firms to provide global and/or multi-country Technical Assistance support that work towards identifying, mitigating and, to the best extent possible, removing common and systematic barriers for new vaccine introductions in countries eligible under the MICs Approach that are missing PCV, RV and/or HPV vaccines and/or risks for backsliding in vaccine coverage in former Gavi countries and thereby benefit multiple countries.

30 March 2023

RFP: Laptop Fleet Renewal (HP)

Gavi is currently planning the refresh of its HP laptop fleet and docking stations, on a lease arrangement. The scope includes, support, warranty, project management.

29 March 2023

Consultancy: Senior Manager, Policy (Horizon Scanning and Foresight Analysis)

To monitor, manage and mitigate the impacts of emerging threats on Gavi’s ability to deliver against its mission.

27 March 2023

Consultancy: Contract Lifecycle Management, Procurement

To support the Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) programme under supervision of the Head of Procurement and the Programme Manager.

24 March 2023

RFP: Invitation to tender for Gavi’s – 2023 Mid-Term Review in Spain

For its upcoming Mid Term Review, Gavi will need support in relation to delivery of the 3-day event which will be attended by approx. 250 external guests including Ministers of Health from both Gavi donor and recipient countries, several Heads of State and various high-level dignitaries from the host country.

15 March 2023

RFP: Demand Side incentives to address Immunization Challenges

Gavi is seeking organizations, firms, or coalitions to provide services for the management, design, implementation and monitoring of DSI programs aimed at strengthening Gavi’s immunization programs.


May 11, 2020

Gavi Board meeting, 11 May 2020

The Gavi Board meeting was held via Teleconference on 11 May 2020.

March 19, 2020

Gavi Board meeting, 19 March 2020

The Gavi Board meeting was held via Teleconference on 19 March 2020.

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