24 November 2021

Gavi and Switzerland collaborate to prioritise supply to COVAX

Switzerland becomes first country to respond to call to trade places with COVAX in manufacturers’ supply queues.

22 November 2021

Team Europe vaccine sharing: almost 100 million J & J doses to be donated by the end of 2021 – first doses arriving in African countries this week

The first shipments of almost 100 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine from Team Europe are arriving in a number of African countries. This donation is facilitated by a tripartite agreement between Belgium (acting on behalf of Team…

19 November 2021

Luxembourg stands up for equitable access by donating doses to COVAX – first doses reach Rwanda

As part of a 409,600-dose pledge to COVAX, Rwanda has become the first country to receive COVID-19 vaccines donated by Luxembourg, receiving 12,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine. This commitment is part of a Team Europe pledge to donate 500…

16 November 2021

Gavi and humanitarian agencies partner to deliver COVID-19 vaccines to the most vulnerable people in the world

Geneva/New York, 16 November 2021 – Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance (Gavi) and the member agencies of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) the humanitarian system’s main coordinating body1, are working together to ensure that the most vulnerable…

16 November 2021

First Greek COVAX doses arrive in Kenya and Syria

The first shipments of a 3 million dose pledge to COVAX thus far by Greece have arrived in Kenya (376,800 doses) and Syria (144,000). This builds on previous funding commitments of EUR 1.5 million to the Gavi COVAX Advance Market Commitment (Gavi…

12 November 2021

India completes national introduction of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine

Over 90% of children born in India every year will have access to the vaccine thanks to the efforts of the Government of India, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and partners, who collaborated on the nationwide introduction of PCV into the country’s…

12 November 2021

Pakistan set to vaccinate more than 90 million children as part of global fight against measles and rubella

The campaign is one of the largest in history and will aim to reach over 95% coverage. Oral polio vaccine will also be integrated in the campaign to support polio eradication in Pakistan.

4 November 2021

Finnish COVAX donation kicks off with shipment to Côte d’Ivoire

As part of a pledge to share at least 3.65 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines with lower-income economies through COVAX, Finland’s donation has begun with a first delivery of 98,400 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine to Côte d’Ivoire.

28 October 2021

Combining vaccines with nutrition: a game-changer against COVID-19 and future pandemics say Gavi and SUN

Malnutrition and infectious diseases together cause millions of preventable child deaths every year and contribute to a vicious cycle of poor health, stunted growth, poverty and exclusion.

18 October 2021

First Portuguese COVAX doses reach Senegal

As part of a pledge to share at least 5% of domestic supply of vaccines with its development partners, the first doses donated by Portugal through COVAX have reached Senegal.

11 October 2021

Vigne des Nations: 2020 vintage awarded to Gavi by Geneva Canton, for its action for global health

This Monday morning, 11 October, Mr Serge Dal Busco, President of the Council of State of Geneva, symbolically awarded the parcel of the Vigne des Nations to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. This recognition honours the commitment of this organisation…

11 October 2021

First Swiss-donated doses ship to Sierra Leone, as part of 4 million dose pledge

The first shipment of a Swiss donation of 4 million doses has arrived in Sierra Leone, with 24,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine touching down in Freetown on 9 October 2021.

Last updated: 25 Feb 2021

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