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Our Gavi colleague and friend, Liz Davies passed away on 8 September after a courageous battle against a long illness. She was an example and embodiment of our values. To honor her memory, all individual donations received between Sept 15-Oct 15 2023 through our website will be considered in honor of Liz. Should you have any questions regarding your donation this month, kindly reach out to us at

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By improving access to vaccines for millions of the most vulnerable children, Gavi is transforming the lives of individuals, helping to boost the economies of lower-income countries and making the world safer for everyone. Help us to reach even more people.

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Children >1 billion children vaccinated through routine programmes
First aid locator >17.3 million future deaths averted
Transitioned 19 countries fully self-financing
Billions >220.5 US$ billion in economic benefits for countries
People 1.8 billion vaccinations through preventive vaccination campaigns

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Partnering with Gavi

Partnering with Gavi creates an opportunity for private sector partners to join a global alliance. Together, we can save lives, create sustainable socio-economic benefits and take a leading role in global development.

Gavi has secured US$ 14m in match funding, enabling us to effectively double private sector contributions towards the Gavi COVAX AMC. Contributions between US$ 100k and US$ 5m are eligible to be matched. This is a limited term challenge, and will expire on 3 June 2022.

Partner with Gavi

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Gavi CEO Sania Nishtar reflects on her recent visit to Central African Republic and Nigeria

Gavi’s CEO discusses the importance of putting the countries that Gavi supports at the heart of everything the organisation does, and reflects on lessons and key outcomes from her recent trips to Central African Republic and Nigeria.

Bird flu in cattle: What are the concerns surrounding the newly emerging bovine H5N1 influenza virus?

Bird flu in U.S. dairy cows has Canadian public health experts on high alert. With one human case identified in Texas, what is the likelihood of H5N1 influenza moving from birds to mammals to people?

The number of children in a family can influence access to vaccines

New research suggests the number of siblings in a family is a factor in determining whether or not children receive any essential immunisations.


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Please be especially alert to attempts of misleading investment opportunities or crowdfunding platforms that are not connected to Gavi. Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance only accepts individual donations through one of the platforms listed on this page. Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance does not accept any responsibility for or any liability with respect to the use of individual or crowd-sourced donations made through platforms and their corresponding website displaying the Gavi logo, Gavi’s name or otherwise claiming a connection with Gavi that are not listed on this page.

Last updated: 2 Oct 2023

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