Global immunisation coverage has stalled at around 80% for several years. It takes new thinking and technology to modernise delivery systems and ensure life-saving vaccines reach all children.

Drawing on the comparative advantages of businesses, governments and other partners, Gavi created INFUSE to help countries accelerate the introduction of cutting edge technology.

Each year the most promising innovations are selected as INFUSE Pacesetters to receive Gavi and partner support. By connecting local entrepreneurs to Alliance partners, INFUSE creates an innovation ecosystem that brings to bear new ideas and technologies that can revolutionise immunisation.


INFUSE also helps advance gender equality by providing a platform that encourages female entrepreneurship. Some INFUSE Pacesetters are women-led businesses, which are proven to not only drive economic growth, but also act as catalysts for social change.

Vaccine delivery systems in developing countries often rely on technologies and approaches that haven't been updated in years or sometimes decades. This can slow or even stop the delivery of life-saving vaccines.

There are many potential solutions but they lack the right market conditions for scale-up. Businesses offering new technology frequently struggle to secure the necessary funding, while governments can lack the expertise required to select appropriate, cost-effective solutions.

INFUSE aims to address this challenge by connecting tried and tested innovations to the countries that need them most.  


  1. Call for innovations: each year, a panel of reviewers selects innovative technology and approaches, which have the potential to improve vaccine delivery.
  2. The INFUSE community: selected businesses and innovators join the INFUSE community to collaborate on ways to improve, align and integrate their innovations.
  3. Workshop: the INFUSE community convenes for an annual workshop where participants pitch their innovations to a review panel.
  4. Pacesetters: the panel selects the most promising proposals as INFUSE Pacesetters. Selected businesses and innovators are connected to Vaccine Alliance partners able to help take their solutions to scale.

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Last updated: 27 Mar 2024

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