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Progress seen in 2021 is a testament to the power of the vaccine alliance

Since Gavi was established in 2000, in its mission to save lives, reduce poverty and protect the world against the
threat of epidemics and pandemics has helped vaccinate more than 981 million children in 73 countries through the end of 2021 – preventing more than 16.2 million future deaths.

The progress seen in 2021 is a testament to the power of the Vaccine Alliance – from our core partners to the dedicated, passionate people in countries and communities upon whose hard work and expertise we rely every day to protect the next generation.

As we stand side by side with countries to battle COVID-19, the Alliance maintains a relentless focus on keeping immunisation programmes running, to ensure the pandemic leaves no one behind – especially the 12.5 million zero-dose children who did not receive a single shot of basic vaccines in 2021.

As the core of Gavi’s work, life-saving immunisation represents a beacon of hope in these uncertain times: the foundation for the healthy future every child deserves, and on which our interconnected world depends.

Highlighting key data, partnerships and milestones, the 2021 Annual Progress Report offers insights into our progress last year, while facing the challenges ahead – including the Vaccine Alliance’s role in the global COVID-19 response.

Past progress reports

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8 December 2022

Gavi Progress Report 2021

Welcome to Gavi’s 2021 Annual Progress Report, the first of the 2021–2025 strategic period.

30 September 2021

Gavi Progress Report 2020

Welcome to Gavi’s 2020 Annual Progress Report, the fifth in a series of five covering this strategic period.

3 September 2020

Gavi Progress Report 2019

Welcome to Gavi’s 2019 Annual Progress Report, the fourth in a series of five covering this strategic period.

17 November 2019

Gavi Progress Report 2018

In this edition of our Annual Progress Report, we look back at the third year of the 2016-2020 strategic period and provide a global context for the work of the Vaccine Alliance.

1 September 2013

Gavi Progress Report 2012

The annual progress report gives a comprehensive overview of the activities and performance of the GAVI Alliance, illustrating the work and achievements of this public-private partnership.

1 September 2012

Gavi Progress Report 2011

The annual progress report gives a comprehensive overview of the activities and performance of the GAVI Alliance, illustrating the work and achievements of this public-private partnership.

1 September 2011

Gavi Progress Report 2010

Marking the end of GAVI's first decade, the 2010 Progress Report shows how unprecedented demand, accelerated access to vaccines and strong country ownership have helped save over five million future deaths.

1 September 2010

Gavi Progress Report 2009

GAVI's 2009 Progress Report paints a picture of developing country commitment and ownership of GAVI programmes. By the end of the year, over 250 million additional children had been vaccinated through GAVI support.

1 September 2009

Gavi Progress Report 2008

By the end of 2008, 3.4 million future deaths have been averted through GAVI support for vaccines. In 2008, GAVI undergoes governance and administrative changes, becoming a Swiss international organisation.

1 September 2008

Gavi Progress Report 2007

2007 was a landmark year for GAVI: it was the initial year of GAVI's first strategic plan; the new health system strengthening programme starts; over 80% of countries eligible for support receive funding for NVS, INS and ISS.

1 September 2008

Gavi Progress Report 2007 Summary

2007 was a landmark year for GAVI: it was the initial year of GAVI's first strategic plan; the new health system strengthening programme starts; over 80% of countries eligible for support receive funding for NVS, INS and ISS.

1 September 2007

Gavi Progress Report 2006

This report for 2006 is the first of the new 10-year phase of operations which will take us to 2015 and beyond.

1 September 2006

Gavi Progress Report 2005

In the first five years of GAVI, 15 million more children were reached with basic vaccines, 99 million were reached with new vaccines and 1.2 billion auto-disable syringes were delivered.

1 September 2005

Gavi Progress Report 2004

After five years in operation, 71 countries out of 75 GAVI-eligible countries have received GAVI support, with one third of resources directed toward strengthening health systems in poorest countries.

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29 September 2022

APR 2021: 1.2 million future deaths prevented, 65 million children newly protected

Gavi’s 2021 Annual Progress Report, released today, is a record in numbers of another difficult pandemic year – a year of alarming setbacks, and a year of hard-won gains.

29 September 2022

APR 2021: Recognising country commitment

Prof José Manuel Barroso, Chair of the Gavi Board, reflects on the achievements of lower-income countries during the pandemic.

29 September 2022

APR 2021: Reflecting on 2021, the global imperative for 2022

Dr Seth Berkley, CEO of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, looks back on the first year of Gavi 5.0

4 November 2021

Five crucial years, one unprecedented new pandemic and 324 million children immunised

Even with the adversities and challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic through 2020, Gavi maintained unyielding focus on leaving no one behind.

30 September 2021

Routine immunisation worldwide holds firm despite the pandemic

Despite the havoc wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic on health systems worldwide, governments’ work to bring immunisation programmes back on track is paying off.

28 October 2020

Empowering countries to self-finance vaccines

A growing number of countries are transitioning out of Gavi support. Here’s how we help them sustainably finance and manage their vaccine programmes over the long term.

22 October 2020

New vaccines to meet emerging needs

Here’s how Gavi helps lower-income countries get the new vaccines and products they need to address urgent threats to public health – from cholera and COVID-19, to Ebola and pneumonia.

21 October 2020

Strengthening supply chains: a long-term investment

The Vaccine Alliance has been working hard in recent years to build greater resilience in supply chains, an effort that is starting to show results.

20 October 2020

Children who get zero vaccines deserve 100% of our attention

Over 50% more children were immunised in Gavi countries in 2019 than in 2000, yet 10.6 million children continue to miss out entirely on basic vaccinations. Here’s why reaching these children and setting them on the pathway to full immunisation…

19 October 2020

Boosting demand for immunisation

Building and maintaining demand for immunisation is an integral part of Gavi’s work to increase coverage and equity. Here’s an insight into how we have achieved this.

16 October 2020

How innovative finance can fight deadly diseases

One of the vital components to Gavi’s capital structure is the International Finance Facility for Immunisation (IFFIm). A powerful and award-winning financial tool launched in 2006, IFFIm issues Vaccine Bonds on the capital markets against long-…

15 October 2020

Taking the long view on vaccine markets

Gavi’s long-term approach to developing healthy markets for critical vaccines has led to greater stability and security, providing countries with the confidence that supplies will be available to meet their demand.

14 October 2020

2019 was a landmark year for countries co-financing their vaccine programmes

In 2019, a higher share of Gavi-supported countries than ever before met their co-financing obligations on time, thanks to strong political commitment.

13 October 2020

Strong systems for strong vaccine coverage

In 2019, countries delivered more than 230 million routine vaccinations, a record number, supported by unprecedented levels of health system funding from Gavi to support immunisation and protect the most vulnerable children. Here is what Gavi did…

2 October 2020

How good quality data is vital to saving lives

Throughout the 2016–2020 strategic period, the Vaccine Alliance has worked with countries to improve data quality. From GIS to SMS, new tech and tools aim to reach more people with life-saving immunisation.

1 October 2020

How Gavi’s co-financing model works

To bring countries on a trajectory towards financial sustainability, and to empower them to take ownership
of their vaccination programmes, Gavi has pioneered an approach to co-financing and transition.

30 September 2020

Download for life: a mobile app to improve vaccine coverage in Côte d’Ivoire

Gavi's partnership with telecoms provider Orange and the Ministry of Health overcomes barriers to childhood immunisation through tailored, tested technology.

29 September 2020

What do vaccines do?

The benefits of immunisation extend beyond preventing childhood deaths. Vaccines are also a vital tool in the fights against cancer, outbreaks and antimicrobial resistance.

28 September 2020

How market shaping works

The goal of our market shaping work is to help ensure vaccine markets work better for lower-income countries. We want the maximum number of people to receive the life-saving and health-protecting benefits of immunisation.

25 September 2020

Experimental approaches to address post-transition risks

After transitioning out of Gavi support in 2017, the Republic of Moldova is mobilising champions and advocates to strengthen vaccine confidence – which is crucial to the success and sustainability of immunisation programmes.

24 September 2020

Typhoid: immunising against antimicrobial resistance

Typhoid fever is increasingly resistant to the main antibiotics used to treat it. Gavi is supporting a new vaccine to help control this deadly disease – and fight antimicrobial resistance.

23 September 2020

Leaders in the fight against infectious diseases

Snapshots from DRC, India and Zambia illustrate country ownership and progress in the fights against Ebola, polio and HPV.

22 September 2020

How health systems work and why they matter

Supporting health systems is essential for Gavi’s work to improve immunisation coverage and equity.

21 September 2020

Resilience and the risks to global health security

When disaster strikes a country, the impact on people’s health can be immense and long-lasting. As the effects of climate change are felt around the world through rising temperatures and sea levels, natural disasters are increasingly frequent and…

18 September 2020

Why vaccines?

Vaccines are the best tools yet invented to prevent child deaths and protect people’s health. Gavi funding for access to vaccines has protected a generation of children growing up in lower-income countries. Gavi funds twin approaches to…

16 September 2020

A record-breaking year for childhood immunisation

Gavi’s CEO provides an overview of its flagship publication, launched today.

Last updated: 8 Dec 2022

Last updated: 21 Dec 2022

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