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For additional information about information security at Gavi and our ISO certification, please email with “ISO certification” in the Subject line of your email.


In 2022, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance achieved International Organization for Standardization (ISO)/IEC 27001 certification for effective information security management.

Adherence to ISO/IEC 27001, the world's best-known standard for information security management systems (ISMS), provides a cybersecurity management framework through a documented system of controls to manage and protect Gavi’s data and systems.

By achieving internationally recognised ISO/IEC 27001 certification – an important and significant accomplishment – Gavi has illustrated its pledge and commitment to information security, by identifying the risks; assessing the implications through systemised controls; and ensuring that its staff, technology and processes have met the requirements of these standards.

The certification assures Gavi’s partners, donors and stakeholders that Gavi prioritises robust security and reliability in its delivery; and demonstrates confidence, trustworthiness through the lenses of an independent third-party certification body (MSECB).

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Last updated: 13 Nov 2023

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