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  • Gavi attracts a diverse range of donors and investors through a portfolio of innovative finance mechanisms. Collectively, these mechanisms deliver both the long-term, predictable funding that countries need to adopt new vaccines and the private sector expertise that helps them to modernise immunisation delivery systems.

    Innovative financing accounts for approximately a quarter of the Vaccine Alliance’s overall funding portfolio.


    Gavi uses a portfolio approach to innovative financing, providing current and potential donors with a range of funding instruments to choose from. Each partnership is tailored to the donor’s interests to maximise the impact of their contribution.

    Our innovative financing mechanisms include the International Finance Facility for Immunisation (IFFIm), the Pneumococcal AMC, the Gavi Matching Fund and the loan buydown facility. Rounding out the portfolio is INFUSE, an innovation ecosystem which engages entrepreneurs, nurtures promising solutions and builds a pipeline for strategic investments in vaccine delivery.

  • IFFIm

    The International Finance Facility for Immunisation uses long-term donor pledges to issue vaccine bonds in the capital markets to raise money for Gavi programmes.

  • Pneumococcal AMC

    The AMC uses US$ 1.5 billion in donor commitments to incentivise vaccine production, ensuring sufficient supplies are produced for developing countries at a fraction of the cost.

  • The Gavi Matching Fund

    The Gavi Matching Fund is a public-private funding mechanism that doubles private sector partners’ impact by doubling their investment in immunisation.

  • Loan buydown

    The loan buydown facility is a three-way financing mechanism that provides Gavi with affordable loans to improve immunisation coverage across Africa’s Sahel region.


    Gavi’s innovation ecosystem helps countries modernise their immunisation delivery systems by sourcing proven high-impact technologies and “infusing” them with resources and expertise to take them to scale.

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