Benefits of working for Gavi

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Here at Gavi we are committed to maintaining a workplace that promotes equal employment opportunity and a high performance culture. As a Gavi employee, you will receive a competitive salary and benefits package and will be working alongside diverse, inspiring and engaged colleagues. Here are a few of our employee benefits.

Benefits of working for Gavi

Comprehensive Health Care Coverage

Our health care benefits provide medical coverage to all employees and is also available to be extended to eligible dependents. Part of our comprehensive coverage also includes short and long-term disability insurance and life insurance for all our employees.

Long-Term Savings Plan

We provide a long-term savings plan for retirement purposes to all employees based in the Geneva office and a 401(k) plan to those based in the Washington DC office. More information related to the long-term savings plan is made available by Human Resources upon joining.


Gavi salaries and other benefits are exempt from taxation in Switzerland under Gavi's Headquarters Agreement with the Swiss Federal Council. However, Gavi income may be taken into account by the tax authorities in determining the tax rate on taxable non-Gavi income (such as spousal income). Gavi does not reimburse any resulting incremental tax.

Training and Development

Gavi encourages all employees to engage in continuous learning and offers development opportunities to all employees.

Employee Assistance Programme

The employee assistance programme gives all employees confidential access to professional consulting to help resolve any personal or professional matters.

Local Transportation

For Geneva based employees
Gavi employees can benefit from a discount on an annual public transportation pass with the TPG. More details on the TPG fares are available upon joining the organisation.

For Washington DC based employees
We provide monthly reimbursement on the WMATA SmarTrip card to employees who choose to use the metro commuter services.


Gavi offers home leave travel once every two years for all eligible international employees and their eligible dependents.

Paid Time Off

Annual Leave
All full-time employees receive 30 days of annual leave per calendar year.

Parental Leave
Gavi provides 16 weeks of primary and 4 weeks of secondary carer’s leave to all employees following the birth or adoption of a child.

Public Holidays
We observe 10 official holidays per calendar year and dates vary per office location.


Eligible international employees may benefit from relocation when they take up employment in our Geneva or Washington, D.C. offices. Repatriation will normally be included.

Education Grant

We offer a limited education grant to all eligible international employees with dependent child(ren) towards tuition for international primary or secondary schools in Switzerland or Washington DC. 

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