Gavi Board meeting, 6-7 June 2018

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Gavi Board June 2018

The Gavi Board meeting was held in Geneva, Switzerland on 6-7 June 2018.

00a - Document list

00b - Agenda


01a - Declarations of interest

01b - Minutes from 29-30 November 2017

01c - No-objection consent decisions

01d - Action Sheet


01e - Workplan


02 - Consent agenda


02a - Consent agenda - Vice Chair appointment

02b - Consent agenda - Board - Committee member appointments

02c - Consent agenda - Independent Review Committee appointments

02e - Consent agenda - Governance Committee Charter

02f - Consent agenda - Independent Review Committee Terms of Reference

02g - Consent agenda - Review of Conflicts of Interest Policy

02h - Consent agenda - Changes in 2016-2020 Strategic Indicators

02i - Consent agenda - Reflecting Board-approved changes to Eligibility and Transition Policy

02j - Consent agenda - Modifications to Gavi's HSIS Support Framework and Gavi's Fragility, Emergency and Refugees Policy

02k - Consent agenda - Extension of support for use of Gavi's global cholera stockpile in endemic settings for 2019

02l - Consent agenda - Expansion of PCV support to include catch-up during new introductions

02m - Consent agenda - Mid-term approach to replace reactive approvals of continuation of support in Yemen and South Sudan

03a - 2016-2020 Strategy Implementation and Progress

04 - Gavi-Global Fund Collaboration

05 - Successfully transitioning Nigeria from Gavi support

06 - Engagement with countries post-transition

07 - Vaccine investment strategy - short list

08 - Gavi's engagement in Polio Eradication

10 - Update on MTR planning

11 - Report from Audit and Investigations

12 - Review of decisions - No paper

13 - Closing remarks and review of Board workplan - No paper

US$ 80-100 billion

Investing in Gavi’s 2016-2020 strategy has the potential to deliver US$ 80-100 billion in costs averted related to illness, such as productivity loss due to death/disability, treatment costs, caretaker productivity loss and transport costs.

Stack M et al. Estimated economic benefits during Decade of Vaccines, Health Affairs 2011

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