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  • Videos from 2012 showcasing the work of the Vaccine Alliance and its partners.

  • 18 December 2012

    Hans Rosling on GAVI's targeted fight against poverty and disease

    Professor Hans Rosling is a doctor and a professor of international health at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. At the GAVI Partners' Forum, he showed how GAVI’s mission to increase access to immunisation fits into a new way of looking at global poverty and population trends.

    03 December 2012

    DPR Korea introduces pentavalent vaccine

    In July 2012, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) introduced pentavalent vaccine with support from the GAVI Alliance. Children in DPR Korea will benefit from protection against Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) disease in addition to continuing protection from four other childhood killers as the country introduces the five-in-one pentavalent vaccine into its routine immunisation programme.

    03 December 2012

    Pakistan tackles top child killer - Pneumonia

    Pakistan was the first county in South Asia to launch a vaccine against one of the leading cause of pneumonia among children under five. The introduction of pneumococcal vaccines is an important milestone in the fight to reduce the burden caused by pneumonia in Pakistan. The partnership between the Government of Pakistan and the GAVI Alliance – which includes UNICEF, WHO and civil society, among many other partners - to deliver this life-saving vaccine to Pakistan's children, as well as a renewed commitment to strengthening the current routine immunisation system, provides a solid foundation for a stronger, healthier nation.

    30 November 2012

    Myanmar children to benefit from pentavalent vaccine and measles second dose

    To celebrate the launch of the GAVI supported pentavalent vaccine and measles second dose in Myanmar GAVI Alliance Chairman Dagfinn Høybråten and Deputy CEO Helen Evans hosted a five-day visit to the country by six politicians from Australia and New Zealand, as well as officials from WHO, UNICEF. After decades of social and political isolation half a million children in the country will now receive protection from a range of deadly diseases including measles, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B and Hib.

    09 October 2012

    Pakistan pneumococcal vaccine introduction

    EPI officials, GAVI's Deputy CEO Helen Evans and Mir Hazar Khan Bijaroni, Minister of the Inter Provincial Committee, talk about the impact of Pakistan's rollout of the pneumococcal vaccine and the difficulties of ensuring all children are protected from pneumonia.

    01 October 2012

    AMC to Eliminate Pneumococcal Disease - CGI 2007 Commitment Progress

    David Ferreira, GAVI’s Managing Director for Innovative Finance, describes how GAVI has raised more than double the amount of money it promised to secure from the private sector under a 2007 Clinton Global Initiative commitment.

    28 September 2012

    Seth Berkley and Hugh Evans GAVI and Global Poverty Project talk vaccines at Global Citizen Festival

    Global Poverty Project CEO Hugh Evans and GAVI’s Seth Berkley talk about the power of vaccines ahead of the The Global Citizen Festival, an historic webcast and broadcast concert in Central Park, New York.

    09 July 2012

    Decade of Vaccines collaboration reception at World Health Assembly 2012

    On the eve of the World Health Assembly’s endorsement of the Global Vaccine Action Plan, officials from developing country health ministries, civil society organisations and multilateral agencies attended a Decade of Vaccines Collaboration reception in Geneva to welcome the Plan.

    15 June 2012

    Innovative Partnerships for Global Health

    GAVI Matching Fund partner representatives Dr. Brian Brink, Chief Medical Officer for Anglo American, and Diane Whitty, co-head of J.P. Morgan’s Private Bank's Philanthropy Centre, highlight a panel moderated by David Ferreira, GAVI Managing Director for Innovative Finance. The panelists describe the benefits corporations can receive from their involvement in global health, and the strong and innovative work GAVI is doing with public-private partnerships.

    14 June 2012

    Rosalynn Carter - Support Child Survival Call to Action

    In June 2012, political and global health leaders gather in Washington DC for the landmark event, Child Survival: Call to Action. Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, a pioneer in vaccination US efforts, is speaking out to urge the public and political leaders to support this global health effort, enabling every child around the world to have a fifth birthday.

    13 June 2012

    Doing the Double - Ghana introduces two new vaccines at once

    On 26 April 2012, Ghana became the first African country to introduce pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines at the same time, simultaneously tackling the leading causes of the world’s two biggest childhood killers – pneumonia and diarrhoea. This film, produced for the GAVI Alliance, documents the preparations, the launch ceremony and the aftermath.

    12 June 2012

    Immunisation: a matter of justice - Dagfinn Høybråten

    Dagfinn Høybråten, Chair of the GAVI Alliance Board, delivers his message from the 2011 Annual Progress Report

    12 June 2012

    2011: A milestone year for GAVI - Seth Berkley

    Seth Berkley, MD, Chief Executive Officer of the GAVI Alliance, delivers his message from the 2011 Annual Progress Report

    08 June 2012

    How IFFIm funds vaccines

    Discover how IFFIm uses the bond markets to fund immunisation faster. [Japanese]

    22 May 2012

    Dr Seth Berkley's keynote speech at the John Ring LaMontagne Memorial Lecture

    GAVI CEO Dr Seth Berkley describes the challenges and successes of bringing lifesaving vaccines to people in the poorest countries during the 2012 John Ring LaMontagne Memorial Lecture sponsored by NIAID.

    26 April 2012

    Highlights from Ghana's vaccines launch on 26 April 2012

     On 26 April 2012, during World Immunization Week, mothers and babies, doctors and nurses, tribal elders and supporters from all over the world, came together in Independence Square, Accra, to celebrate the launch of two new vaccines to help protect children against two of the leading child killers – pneumonia and diarrhoea.

    26 April 2012

    Ghana launches two vaccines at once

    On 26 April 2012, Ghana launched two new vaccines, which will protect children against the primary cause of pneumonia and severe diarrhoea -- the two biggest killers of under-fives across the world.

    19 April 2012

    The strategic power of vaccines in Zambia

    In November 2011, a team from CSIS traveled to Zambia to produce a video on vaccination efforts - their value, their long-term sustainability, and the challenges to their implementation. The video aims to portray the complexities of immunization in Zambia and to make broader points about global immunization efforts. Released on March 16, 2012, this eleven-minute video completes the five-minute trailer posted in fall 2011.

    30 March 2012

    British comedian John Bishop visits Sierra Leone childrens hospital for Comic Relief

    Comedian John Bishop witnessing the anguish preventable illnesses, like diarrhoea and pneumonia, can cause while visiting the only children's hospital in Sierra Leone. Bishop cycled, rowed and ran more than 295 miles from Paris to London in five days, raising funds for vaccines. 2012-03-30 Video-Vimeo Spo

    02 March 2012

    Professor Ian Frazer talks about how he invented the HPV vaccine against cervical cancer

    In this exclusive interview to mark International Women's Day 2012, Professor Ian Frazer discusses his invention of the HPV vaccine against cervical cancer. 

    20 February 2012

    Voice of America interviews Dagfinn Høybråten

    Interview with GAVI Alliance Board Chairman Dagfinn Høybråten on Voice of America. 

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