Ethics, Risk and Compliance Charter

Gavi’s Ethics, Risk, and Compliance Office provides oversight and guidance on an enterprise-wide basis concerning ethics, risk management, and compliance undertakings, and seeks to foster a culture that embeds due regard for these competencies and disciplines in all Gavi operations and activities.

Gavi Access to information policy

The purpose of this policy is to enhance Gavi’s accountability towards Alliance partners and stakeholders, as well as the general public who may be interested in Gavi’s work, by providing access to the information that will enable Gavi partners and stakeholders to understand its governance, strategies, policies and activities.

Gavi and Global Fund safeguarding commitments

Commitments made by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and the Global Fund to fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria, to address sexual exploitation and abuse and sexual harassment.

Gavi Asset allocation statement

The Asset Allocation Statement identifies the permitted allocation ranges for the major exposures – fixed income, equity, multi-exposure and tactical - in the long-term portfolio, and their respective benchmarks. It also sets risk management limits on liquidity, concentration, and non-US Dollar investments. This document should be used in conjunction with Gavi Alliance’s Investment Policy.

Gavi Board travel policy

This policy sets out the criteria for travel reimbursement and support for the Board members, Alternate Board members and Committee delegates for Gavi related travel.

Gavi Budget variance policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish a standing delegation to the Secretariat to spend above board approved budgets when doing so would avoid inefficiencies and where the overspend is modest.

Gavi Child protection statement

Gavi is strongly committed to the respect of all child rights as set forth in the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and aims to contribute to building a protective environment for children through its mission.

Gavi Conflict of interest policy and guidance and procedures

Gavi's conflict of interest policy protects the integrity of Gavi's decision-making processes, particularly in regard to the allocation and disbursement of resources.

Gavi Delegation of authority policy

The purpose of this policy is to outline delegations to the officers that the Board may accord in line with Article 6 of the Gavi By-laws, including in respect of further authorities officers may make to members of the Secretariat.

Gavi Document retention policy

This policy governs the preservation and, where applicable, permissible destruction of certain GAVI Alliance documents. It is intended to meet recognised practices and accounting standards for retention periods and to provide guidance on the circumstances which could require longer or indefinite periods of document preservation.

Gavi Environmental sustainability statement

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance Statement on Environmental Sustainability.

Gavi Evaluation policy

The purpose of GAVI’s Evaluation Policy is to guide to its evaluation activities and the development of a multi-year evaluation plan. The policy is aligned with the norms and standards for evaluation approved by OECD/DAC.

Gavi Independent auditor selection and evaluation policy

This policy covers the selection process and appointment of the Independent Auditor. Also included is a description of services to be provided by the Auditor and the basis for assessing the performance of the incumbent auditor.

Gavi Investment policy

The Investment Policy governs the management of assets included in Gavi Alliance’s short-term and long-term portfolios. The overall investment objective is to provide a level of support as determined by Gavi’s mission and its spending requirements. The short-term and long-term portfolios each have specific objectives based on time horizon and risk appetite.

Gavi Procurement policy

This policy sets out the general principles that will apply to the procurement of goods and services by or on behalf of Gavi.

Gavi Programme funding policy

The policy aims to strengthen the prudent management of Gavi Alliance resources and commitments. The policy applies to all programme funding decisions.

Gavi Sustainable investment policy

Investments held by Gavi Alliance are reviewed for consistency with its role as a humanitarian organisation focused on saving children’s lives and protecting people’s health. The SI Policy describes negative screens that have been identified as relevant to Gavi’s mission. The SI Policy also provides guidance around investment manager engagement and monitoring procedures. This document should be used in conjunction with Gavi Alliance’s Investment Policy.

Guiding principles on gender balance for Board and Committee nominations

The purpose of these Guiding Principles is to establish a framework through which the Gavi Alliance Board can endeavour to ensure gender balance across Gavi’s governance structures, to the extent possible.

Remote working guidelines for the Gavi Secretariat

Gavi, as a learning organisation, is encouraging remote working which may be used for a variety of reasons including increasing efficiency by providing uninterrupted time to focus, improving work-life balance and feeling better connected to one’s home environment. All employees are eligible to benefit from a remote working arrangement, which is based on principles of trust, respect and accountability.

Respectful Behaviour Policy

Gavi is committed to creating a work environment that is safe and professional where employees work together in an atmosphere of mutual trust and where diversity and inclusion are valued. Gavi does not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment towards and between its employees, which constitute misconduct and may result in investigations and the instigation of disciplinary measures up to and including the termination of an employment contract in accordance with Gavi’s Investigation and Disciplinary Procedures.

Treasury Governance Policy

The purpose of this policy is to outline main areas of responsibility for treasury and introduce an internal Treasury Risk Management Committee with the purpose to strengthen governance and facilitate cross-functional business partnering.

Treasury Risk Management Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provides guidelines for financial risks managed by the treasury team (FX and counterparty risks).

Last updated: 12 Feb 2024

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