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30 June 2022

01 Consent Agenda pdf
22-23 June 2022, Geneva, Switzerland
Reach every child
Recommendation 1: Consent Agenda: Board
Committee Chair Appointments
TheGavi Alliance Governance Committeerecommends tothe Gavi Alliance Boardthat
it :
Appoint Anne Schuchat asChair ofthe Programme andPolicy Committee effective
1 July 2022 anduntil 31December 2023.
Board meeting
22- 23 June 2022


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15 February 2022

Planning and Implementing Real-time Monitoring Approaches to Strengthen Vaccination Campaigns: Guidance for country partners

This document aims to address: 1. Introduce real-time monitoring approaches and how RTM can strengthen vaccination campaigns and routine immunization programmes; 2. Provide guidance to decision-makers and planners on the key considerations enabling implementation of real time approaches and digital solutions in order to strengthen vaccination campaigns and routine immunization programmes, thereby enhancing immunization service delivery; 3. Elaborate on implementation aspects related to realtime monitoring technologies.

15 February 2022

Rwanda Technical Brief on use of Real Time Monitoring for COVID-19 vaccination, surveillance and case management

This country technical brief presents three use cases of Real Time Monitoring (RTM) approaches used in Rwanda for 1) COVID19 surveillance 2) Vaccination Delivery and Monitoring and 3) COVID19 case management. Good practices and lessons learned by Rwanda are also highlighted in the brief.

Last updated: 31 Aug 2022

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