Gavi process guidelines

Application Process

Application Kit

19 August 2021

Completion Checklist

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19 May 2021

Gavi Budget User-guide

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19 May 2021

Gavi Budget Template

If you are ready to begin your FPP process (and would like to apply for Equity Accelerator Funding (EAF)) please reach out to your SCM for the current budget template.


10 March 2020

Analysis guidelines

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Vaccine Information & Switches

Human papillomavirus vaccine

1 March 2021

HPV Implementation Plan

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3 August 2021

HPV Region Profile

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1 May 2021

HPV Vaccine Profiles

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11 November 2019

HPV workplan

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Inactivated polio vaccine

24 April 2020

IPV Switch Form

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15 June 2020


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Meningitis A vaccine

Pneumococcal vaccine

24 March 2017

PCV 4-dose vials FAQs

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14 November 2019

PCV Switch Form

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25 July 2020

PCV vaccine profiles

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Rotavirus vaccine

14 November 2019

Rota Switch Form

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Yellow fever vaccine

Ongoing Portfolio Management, Reporting & Renewals

Joint Appraisal & Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue

Gavi Programme Funding Guidelines

Supply Chain & Cold Chain Equipment

28 April 2020

CCEOP Budget Template

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15 December 2020

Cold chain equipment technology guide

This document is designed to guide country applications for cold chain equipment (CCE) support, providing a structured approach to CCE purchasing decisions. It helps identify which devices comply with the requirements of Gavi's cold chain equipment platform, allowing countries to choose solutions that best meet the needs of their health facilities.

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1 December 2019

Gavi Data Funding Guidelines

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Last updated: 29 Jun 2021

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