Working to realise a 10-year vision to extend the full benefits of immunisation to all people regardless of where they live.

In 2010, the global health community declared the next 10 years to be the Decade of Vaccines, with a vision of a world in which all individuals and communities can enjoy lives free from vaccine-preventable diseases.

The Decade of Vaccines (DoV) Collaboration brought together diverse stakeholders to develop the Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP), which aims to stimulate the discovery, development and delivery of life-saving vaccines.

Gavi serves on the Leadership Council of the DoV Collaboration, and provides critical expertise and leadership as part of the organisation’s steering committee.


The GVAP, endorsed by the 194 member states of the World Health Assembly in May 2012, presents a framework for achieving the Decade of Vaccines vision through more equitable access to vaccines for people in all communities.

The five goals of the GVAP are:

  • to achieve a world free of poliomyelitis;
  • to meet vaccination coverage targets in every region, country and community;
  • to exceed the Millennium Development Goal 4 target for reducing child mortality;
  • to meet global and regional elimination targets; and
  • to develop and introduce new and improved vaccines and technologies.

GVAP builds on the success of the Global Immunization Vision and Strategy , which was launched in 2005 as the first 10-year strategy aiming to realise the full potential of immunisation.

Last updated: 8 Apr 2024

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