Those involved in aid programmes are able to better track what aid is being used for and what it is achieving. This stretches from taxpayers in donor countries, to those in lower-income countries who benefit from aid.

Improving transparency also helps governments in lower-income countries manage aid more effectively and sustainably. This means that each dollar will go as far as possible towards fighting poverty and vaccine-preventable diseases.

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To meet the requirements of the Aid Transparency Index, Gavi publishes financial data for each Gavi-supported country on IATI’s d-portal.

Every other year, Publish What You Fund assesses the data shared by Gavi and rates its transparency. The last assessment took place in 2022 and Gavi was rated ‘Very Good’.

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About this portal

Gavi has developed this transparency portal to strengthen its transparency performance. Transparency is vital to oversee how Gavi funds are spent and with what impact. It enables more informed decisions and helps partners to manage immunisation funds effectively.

Background information

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Data for commitments, approvals & disbursements in XLS format

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Gavi continues to be a top performer in global aid transparency index

Gavi ranked in the highest category out of 50 international development organisations assessed in the 2022 Aid Transparency Index.

Why development aid transparency matters

At a time when economies are under pressure and government spending is under scrutiny, transparency and accountability within the development sector is more important than ever.

Gavi a top performer in leading transparency index

The Vaccine Alliance ranked in the highest ‘Very good’ category out of 47 international development organisations assessed in the 2020 Aid Transparency Index

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Last updated: 15 Apr 2024

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