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Gavi and UNICEF welcome approval of new oral cholera vaccine

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and UNICEF welcome the news that a new oral cholera vaccine (OCV), Euvichol-S, has now received WHO prequalification and can be made available to countries around the world.

Brazilian Ministry of Health and Gavi reaffirm partnership to advance equitable immunisation globally

The Brazilian Ministry of Health (MoH) and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, have signed a landmark Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on vaccine production, innovation, and global access.

Global deployment of rapid diagnostic tests to boost fight against cholera

More than 1.2 million cholera rapid diagnostic tests will be shipped to 14 countries in largest-ever global deployment, with the first shipment landing today in Malawi.

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Gavi CEO Sania Nishtar reflects on her recent visit to Central African Republic and Nigeria

Gavi’s CEO discusses the importance of putting the countries that Gavi supports at the heart of everything the organisation does, and reflects on lessons and key outcomes from her recent trips to Central African Republic and Nigeria.

Sania Nishtar: thoughts and priorities from my first ten days in charge of Gavi

Gavi’s new CEO shares her first impressions and urgent priorities after a packed first ten days at the helm of the Vaccine Alliance.

Everything you need to know about Gavi's incoming CEO, Dr Sania Nishtar

Senator Dr Sania Nishtar has been appointed as Gavi’s next CEO and is due to succeed interim CEO David Marlow in March 2024.

Last updated: 8 Apr 2024

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