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Accelerating COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment

20 April 2022

Removing obstacles to increase coverage levels and protect those at high risk. A G20 report.

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Factsheet: Gender and immunisation

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance is committed to ensuring that both boys and girls benefit from life-saving vaccines.

Gavi facts and figures

Statistics measuring our impact on global immunisation.
You can also visit our facts and figures page.

Gavi impact in Africa

Since its inception in 2000 and in collaboration with 40 African governments, Gavi has helped introduce 9 vaccines into routine immunisation programmes in multiple countries, reaching 364 million unique children.

Finding the Signal Through the Noise

A landscape review and framework to enhance the effective use of digital social listening for immunisation demand generation.

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Geographic information systems and immunisation landscape

Exploring current approaches to leaving no child behind with immunisation by harnessing geospatial technologies and GIS to improve immunisation coverage and equity in low- and middle-income countries.

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How we work together: quick start guide for new members of the Vaccine Alliance

New publication illustrates how the different members of the Vaccine Alliance work together and bring their unique skills and competencies to our public-private partnership.

Gavi supply chain strategy

Strong supply chains are a critical part of Gavi’s goal to help countries increase the effectiveness and effi ciency of immunisation delivery as an integrated part of health systems.

Immunisation and the Sustainable Development Goals

Immunisation is one of the best buys in global health and key to the achievement of the SDG's. 

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Immunisation: a platform for universal health coverage

Immunisation serves as a strong foundation on which to build universal health coverage (UHC). Download this factsheet to learn more about Gavi’s role in strengthening healthcare systems to advance UHC.

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Launched at Davos in 2016, Innovation for Uptake, Scale and Equity in Immunisation (INFUSE) seeks tried and tested innovations that have potential to improve vaccine delivery. It then “infuses” them with capital and expertise to help take them to scale.

Strengthening the immunisation supply chain

Download this factsheet to find out how Gavi and its partners support countries to improve their immunisation supply chains.

Gavi progress reports

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Gavi Progress Report 2022

Welcome to Gavi’s 2022 Annual Progress Report, the first of the 2021–2025 strategic period.

Gavi Progress Report 2021

Welcome to Gavi’s 2021 Annual Progress Report, the first of the 2021–2025 strategic period.

Gavi Progress Report 2020

Welcome to Gavi’s 2020 Annual Progress Report, the fifth in a series of five covering this strategic period.

Investment opportunity

Investing in Gavi

2021-2025 Gavi Investment Opportunity

The 2021-2025 Investment Opportunity highlights the Alliance’s ambition to build on its success by providing the most comprehensive package of protection yet. 

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Gavi @20

The 20-year history of an Alliance that today protects half the world’s children.

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