What is the joint appraisal?

The joint appraisal (JA) is an annual, country-led, multi-stakeholder review/discussion between Gavi, in-country/regional Alliance partners and in-country stakeholders such as the Ministry of Health (MoH) and civil society organisations (CSOs). It represents an important opportunity for countries to engage Alliance partners and other key stakeholders on annual progress and performance of routine immunisation programmes against national goals and objectives, and to discuss how Gavi support is contributing to this progress.

Why is a joint appraisal conducted?

  • It is an essential element of Gavi's regular Monitoring and Performance Management (MPM).
  • A key feature of the JA is the discussion about best practices, challenges encountered and future needs for improving immunisation performance, with a focus on reaching zero-dose children and missed communities.
  • The outcomes ideally inform different forums, including the Independent Review Committee (IRC).

Who does the joint appraisal?

The joint appraisal is undertaken by a joint appraisal team, usually comprising the following stakeholders:

  • relevant staff from the Ministry of Health of the Gavi-supported country;
  • members of the Inter-agency Coordinating Committee (ICC) and Health Sector Coordinating Committee (HSCC), including civil society organisations, if appropriate;
  • staff from Alliance partner organisations; and
  • relevant Gavi Secretariat staff.

The joint appraisal takes place in the country with all joint appraisal team members physically present if possible. If it is not possible for regional and global partners to travel to the country, the appraisal can be conducted with those partners joining key discussions by teleconference and/or video conference, with documents and draft reports exchanged via email.

How does the joint appraisal start?

When planning for a JA, the country should think about:

  • Selecting suitable dates; and
  • Identifying and agreeing on participants.

Please note that a JA should be conducted on a yearly basis. However, those countries undergoing Full Portfolio Planning (FPP) do not need to conduct a JA the same year.

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Last updated: 29 Feb 2024

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