What is the joint appraisal?

The joint appraisal is an annual, in-country multi-stakeholder review of the implementation progress and performance of Gavi support to the country, and of its contribution to improved immunisation outcomes1. While some of the analysis required for this appraisal may be available from recent reviews of the immunisation programme, it should not be viewed as a review of the national immunisation programme.

Who does the joint appraisal?

The joint appraisal is undertaken by a “joint appraisal team” usually comprising the following stakeholders:

  • Relevant staff from the ministry of health of the Gavi-supported country
  • Members of the Inter-agency Coordinating Committee (ICC) and Health Sector Coordinating Committee (HSCC), including civil society organisations if appropriate
  • Staff from Alliance partner organisations
  • Relevant Gavi Secretariat staff

The joint appraisal takes place in the country with all joint appraisal team members physically present if possible. If traveling to the country by regional and global partners is not possible, the appraisal can be conducted with those partners joining key discussions by telephone with documents and draft reports exchanged via email.

Why has the joint appraisal been introduced?

Previously, to renew funding, countries submitted an Annual Progress Report (APR) to the Gavi Secretariat along with a request for the next year’s vaccine and cash support. The renewal decisions were based on an annual desk review by the Independent Review Committee (IRC) with limited dialogue or grounding in country context.

As part of the redesign efforts, the joint appraisal process and the High Level Review Panel (HLRP) were introduced, to move the discussion on grant implementation progress and future needs to the country level and engage more effectively those most familiar with the Gavi support. The outcomes of the joint appraisal serve as the main source of information provided to the HLRP. The HLRP recommends to Gavi’s Chief Executive Officer, the approval of the renewal of Gavi NVS and/or HSS support for a subsequent year. It also reviews and makes recommendations to strengthen grant performance and accountability.

1 The joint appraisal looks at Gavi support for new and under used vaccine (NVS) and/or health system strengthening (HSS) support.

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Last updated: 23 May 2023

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