GAVI Board meeting, 30 Nov - 01 Dec 2010

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The GAVI Alliance Board met in Kigali, Rwanda on 30 November to 1 December 2010.


GAVI Board members in Kigali

The Ministry of Health of Rwanda hosted this meeting in which Dagfinn Høybråten was appointed as Board Chair, succeeding Mary Robinson who was recognised for her commitment and leadership to ensure all children have access to immunisation.

Also, the Board approved GAVI’s 2011 business plan and budget.

Field trips were organised in district hospitals and health centers.

1. Welcome and approval of outstanding minutes

2. Report of the Governance Committee Chair

2a. CEO Succession Update

2b. By-law Amendment: Approving Meeting Minutes

3. Country Report

4. CEO Report

5. Financial forecast update

6a. Resource Mobilisation and Innovative Finance

7. Report of the Executive Committee Chair

7g. GAVI Alliance Business Plan 2011-2015 Budget

8. Report of the Investment Committee Chair

9. Report of the Audit and Finance Committee Chair

9a. Audit/Tax Engagement Letters

10. Risk Oversight


11. Report of the Evaluation Advisory Committee Chair

11a. Management response to 2nd GAVI Evaluation

12. Report of the Programme and Policy Committee Chair

12a-b. Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) Decision and Update

12c. Incentives for Routine Immunization Services (IRIS)

12d. Co-financing Policy Revisions

12e. Accelerated Vaccine Introduction Progress Report

12f. Update on country programmes

14a. Update on CSO consituency work

14b. GAVI CSO support success in Ethiopia

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