The systems goal

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Increase effectiveness and efficiency of immunisation delivery as an integrated part of strengthened health systems

The systems goal

Credit: Gavi/2013/Adrian Brooks.

Effective and efficient immunisation delivery systems, drawing on modern technology and approaches, will be critical to ensure that the Vaccine Alliance reaches more children, in more places, sustainably.

Recognising the importance of integration, we support developing countries to build comprehensive immunisation programmes and to do this in a way that strengthens their broader health systems.

While Gavi develops and proposes solutions in critical areas of immunisation delivery such as vaccine supply chains and data quality, the support that is delivered is driven by national and local situations and priorities.


  • Contribute to improving integrated and comprehensive immunisation programmes, including fixed, outreach and supplementary components
  • Support improvements in supply chains, health information systems, demand generation and gender sensitive approaches
  • Strengthen engagement of civil society, private sector and other partners in immunisation.


41 million

Since 2007, countries have immunised 41 million children with a second dose of measles or measles-rubella vaccine with Gavi support. Gavi-funded campaigns with these two vaccines have helped vaccinate another 328 million children in countries at high risk of outbreaks.

WHO/UNICEF and Gavi, 2017

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