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21 December 2017

2017 letter

2017: responding to global challenges

Letter from Gavi's CEO, Dr Seth Berkley.

12 November 2015

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Measles vaccination has saved an estimated 17.1 million lives since 2000

New data released by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the Measles & Rubella Initiative, estimates that 17.1 million lives have been saved since 2000, largely due to increased vaccination coverage against this highly contagious viral disease.

18 August 2015

Cameroon cholera campaign

People in Cameroon to be protected against cholera with Gavi-supported vaccine

More than 110,000 doses of oral cholera vaccine will protect people in the northern region.

27 January 2015

Pledges annoucement

World leaders make record-breaking commitment to protect poorest children with vaccines

Support puts Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance on the path to immunise a further 300 million children and save up to six million more lives

29 May 2014

Seth Berkley at Canada MNCH summit

Global summit looks to immunisation to save millions of lives

Canadian PM Harper calls on countries to invest politically, financially to improve maternal, newborn and child health

08 May 2014

World Economic Forum

African leaders pledge support for immunisation

African leaders pledge to prioritise sustainable immunisation programmes as part of continued investment in the healthy futures of children and families in their countries.

29 October 2013

parliamentary debate

Why political commitment to immunisation matters

Lord Boateng of the UK Parliament helped kick-off the Mid-Term Review meeting by hosting a panel discussion exploring the importance of parliamentary commitment to immunisation– among MPs in donor and implementing countries

29 May 2013


Vaccines against cervical cancer and rubella to benefit health of women and girls

Two new vaccines that help protect against cervical cancer, measles and rubella spearhead the GAVI Alliance’s commitment to improving the health of girls and women.

14 May 2013


Kenya first country to protect girls against cervical cancer with GAVI support

Kenya becomes the first country to protect girls against cervical cancer with GAVI-supported human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines.

14 May 2013

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Cervical cancer vaccine success brings hope to millions of women

Cervical cancer is a scourge of women the world over, but particularly so in the poorest parts of the world, where it kills nearly a quarter of a million women every year, or roughly one every two minutes.

08 May 2013

GAVI HPV Vaccine Infographic

23 April 2013

Immunisation in Islamic countries

To mark World Immunization Week, pictures at the GAVI Alliance's photo exhibition at the UK Houses of Parliament in London show the value of immunisation against diseases such as pneumonia, rotavirus, polio, measles and tetanus, the need for life-saving vaccines, ways in which the antigens are delivered and the challenges of delivery in four Islamic countries: Pakistan, Sudan, Zanzibar in the United Republic of Tanzania and Yemen.

10 January 2013


GAVI recognised for effectiveness and focus on results

In its first ever Multilateral Organisation Performance Assessment Network (MOPAN) review the GAVI Alliance has been commended for its effectiveness in increasing access to immunisation and for its focus on results.

07 December 2012

Partners' Forum Blog

Running blog from the ground, covering all aspects of the 2012 Partners' Forum.

05 December 2012

Seth Berkley Zanzibar thumb

GAVI CEO and partners visit Zanzibar (gallery with audio)

Image gallery with audio of GAVI CEO Dr Seth Berkley and a group of Alliance partners visiting health care clinics where immunization sessions and maternal health care services have helped raise immunisation coverage from 78% in 2007 to 92% in 2011.

05 December 2012

Press conference - Partners Forum 2012

Immunisation protecting 370 million additional children through successful global partnership

Progress is accelerating in the global effort to protect children from infectious diseases and spread the benefits of immunisation around the world.

04 December 2012

GAVI Arusha FV-25s

Parents as partners in improving children's health

After an hour’s drive on dusty, bumpy roads out of Arusha, Tanzania we arrived in Shambarai village. I was asked to address a group of parents, mostly mothers and a few fathers, who had brought their young children to be vaccinated and were gathered under a tree.

03 December 2012


100 millionth person receives lifesaving meningitis vaccine

A revolutionary meningitis vaccine will reach the 100 millionth person this week in a region of Africa that has been plagued by deadly epidemics for more than a century. The milestone will take place in northern Nigeria, part of Africa’s “meningitis belt’, where the country is conducting its second seasonal immunisation campaign against the disease.

29 November 2012

Dagfinn Høybråten in Tanzania

Working as partners to save lives

As I was writing my new book, my six-year-old grand daughter asked me what I was up to. I am writing my book, I said. What is it on? She asked.

19 September 2012


Programme agenda

Welcome ceremony, special sessions, panels, workshops, group consultations explained.

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