Investing in vaccines offers a lifetime of protection to children in the world’s poorest countries. Immunised children can grow up to become healthy, productive adults, creating substantial economic and social benefits throughout their lives.

Vaccines are proven to be one of the best investments in global development, providing an 18-fold return in Gavi-supported countries.  

Taking into account the broader benefits of people living longer, healthier lives, the return on investment rises to US$ 48 for every US$ 1 spent.

To date, Gavi has helped immunise nearly 700 million children– saving more than 10 million lives. Between 2016 and 2020, we will help countries to immunise an estimated 300 million children. This is expected to save 5-6 million lives.

By investing in vaccines, our partners join a global alliance that saves lives, creates sustainable social and economic benefits in developing markets, and recognises them as leaders in global development.


Partnering with Gavi creates an opportunity for private sector partners to join a global Alliance. Together, we can save lives, create sustainable socio-economic benefits and take a leading role in global development.

Working with us allows business and industry to:

  • enter fast-growing markets
    Gavi’s global reach opens up new growth opportunities. We have supported immunisation in more than 70 countries – many of which are emerging and developing markets.
  • partner with global leaders
    The Alliance brings together leaders from the highest levels, including key players in global health and government as well as in business, philanthropy and development.
  • support global development
    Gavi is at the forefront of efforts to end preventable child deaths – a key objective of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
  • connect with entrepreneurs
    Gavi helps to accelerate the introduction of a range of new technologies in developing countries. This gives private sector partners access to a network of other innovators in development.
  • make an immediate and lasting impact
    Investing in immunisation leaves a long-lasting legacy. Immunised children are protected for life. They are more likely to stay in school and build a productive future, both for themselves and their communities.


Gavi helps partners to optimise their investment in immunisation through a series of initiatives, including:

  • the Gavi Matching Fund
    This funding mechanism doubles financial and in-kind contributions from private sector partners.
  • employee and customer engagement
    Gavi helps partners to design employee and customer engagement programmes to strengthen their corporate reputation.
  • cause marketing
    We work with the private sector to implement cause marketing programmes. These direct a portion of sales revenue to support countries’ immunisation programmes.

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Last updated: 26 Jan 2022

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