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Mind the equity gap: accelerating tech-enabled innovations to immunise all children

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Health workers en route with the pneumococcal vaccine in a portable cold storage box. Credit: Gavi/2013/Adrian Brooks.

INFUSE 2017 called for tech-enabled, proven innovations that promote immunisation uptake and improve health-service delivery in developing countries.  


The world’s poorest, most vulnerable children often lack access to high-quality immunisation services. Barriers include:

  • hard-to-reach communities
  • gender inequality
  • negative beliefs and misinformation about vaccines
  • lack of understanding about if and when to return for doses
  • poor experiences using health facilities
  • systemic issues: vaccine supply, stock management, lack of registrations and data quality

Reach all children with life-saving vaccines  

The 2017 INFUSE call for innovations closed in April with approximately 100 submissions to be reviewed according to the annual INFUSE process.

The next INFUSE call for innovation will be launched at Davos, in January 2018.

The most promising innovations were selected as INFUSE 2017 Pacesetters

  • Infuse-Parsyl  
    Combines information from standalone wireless parcel sensors with customer and external data into an accessible logistics dashboard complete with predictive modelling.
  • Infuse-giftedMom 
    A 2-way communication platform that leverages mobile technology to directly connect parents and healthcare workers, and provides automated SMS reminders to support follow-up.
  • Infuse-mPedigree  
    A smart vaccine label that records vaccine temperatures, allows parents and officials to verify authenticity of the product, and digitises valuable data to improve cold chains.
  • Infuse-Zenysis  
    A structured data analytics approach which quickly consolidates diverse sources into an integrated viewallowing decisions makers to understand complex situations and effectively allocate resources.
  • Infuse-Logistimo  
    Open source forecasting, optimisation and transport orchestration software built on machine learning and usercentered design that can dramatically improve the efficiency of supply chains.
  • Infuse-Medic Mobile  
    An open source and locally developed mobile software platform that facilitates collaboration between health workers across geographies and time to specifically improve immunisation coverage and equity.
  • Infuse-Flowminder  
    An advanced machine learning tool that combines geographic, human mobility, and demographic data to improve population estimates and optimise resource allocation.


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