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Leveraging digital technologies for finding, identifying and registering the most vulnerable children to ensure a healthier future

INFUSE 2018 call for innovations

We have received over 200 submissions and would like to warmly thank everyone that took the time to apply. Successful candidates will receive an official invitation in early June to attend the INFUSE 2018 workshop.

If you missed out this time, don’t worry as the next round opens in February 2019. Please look out for future Gavi announcements and stay connected via our website, Facebook and Twitter feeds.

One in five children in Gavi-supported countries do not receive a full course of the most basic vaccines. One reason for this gap is that an increasing number of people live under the radar.

Globally, one in every four children under the age of five lack any proof of identification1. Without a reliable record that can be uniquely linked to each child, it is difficult to determine the care he or she needs.

The latest digital technologies can provide more effective ways of registering births, issuing proof of identity and authenticating identities to allow access to essential health services. This is especially important for girls, who are more likely to suffer the repercussions of not being registered.

We are on the brink of building a healthier and more prosperous future for the world’s most vulnerable children. In 2018, through INFUSE, Gavi is calling for innovations that leverage new technologies to modernise the process of identifying and registering the children who are most in need of life-saving vaccines.

The 2018 INFUSE call for innovations closed in April with over 200 compelling submissions reviewed according to the annual INFUSE process.

The most promising innovations were selected as INFUSE 2018 pacesetters

  • Infuse-ICIVIL 
    ICIVIL is a mobile solution allowing successively, declaration, registration and delivery of birth certificate from newborn identification / digital authentication bubble bracelet and encrypted SMS to transmit information.
  • Infuse-ONA 
    Ona Systems Inc. is an Open Smart Register Platform (OpenSRP) digital health card technology, allowing frontline health workers to electronically register and track health services.
  • Infuse-Element 
    Element, Inc. is a venture backed, mobile-based, software-only platform for biometric identity, using cameras on smartphones and tablets, that can happen entirely offline.
  • Infuse-Simprints 
    Simprints is a biometrics solution that aims to solve challenges to immunisation coverage by linking children to health records through their fingerprints or their mother’s.

1 Source: UNICEF Data: Child Protection: Birth Registration. United Nations Children's Fund, 2017; available from


>279 million

By the end of 2017, 21 countries in the African meningitis belt had immunised over 279 million people against meningitis A through Gavi-supported campaigns. Seven countries had introduced the vaccine into their national immunisation systems.

WHO/UNICEF and Gavi 2018

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