Financial partnerships

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Gavi partners with key players in the private sector to raise money and awareness for vaccines.

Financial partnerships

A vaccination session at a health post in Hindane District, Maputo Province, Mozambique. Credit: Gavi/2017/Guido Dingemans.

Every year, 1.5 million children die from preventable disease simply because they do not have access to vaccines. To reach these children, Gavi partners with the private sector – raising money and awareness for vaccines while strengthening partners’ global reputation and philanthropic impact.

Our partners have helped save thousands of children’s lives through their investment in vaccines, which are often doubled through the Gavi Matching Fund.


Investments from corporations, foundations and individuals can help fund life-saving initiatives, including:

  • purchasing vaccines
    Financial contributions have helped meet countries’ immunisation needs by allowing Gavi to directly purchase vaccines for those who need them most.
  • fostering innovation and female entrepreneurship
    Investments from our business partners help to advance innovation and gender equality through INFUSE. By connecting local entrepreneurs - many of them women - with business leaders, this platform helps to scale up innovations that have proven potential to modernise immunisation supply chains and improve data management.
  • responding to global health crises
    Gavi can use partner contributions to create and deploy vaccine stockpiles in response to epidemics. We also incentivise new vaccine research and development to prevent future outbreaks.
  • creating a greener cold chain
    We partner with cold chain equipment manufacturers to encourage innovation and greener technology throughout the immunisation supply chain. Private sector investment can help countries to modernise cold chains to better protect vaccines and the environment.


Alwaleed Philanthropies, CIFF, CMG, Comic Relief, ELMA, La Caixa, LDS, OFID, Red Nose Day, Reckitt Benckiser, IFPW, Nexleaf, Google, ELMA, IRD, LCIF, Shifo (Sw. Postcode Lottery-IK-ActionAid)

For information about individual investments, please see our donor profiles.  

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