Bill Gates' G20 Report: why GAVI is ahead of the game

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Bill Gates' report to the G20 summit calls on global leaders to support exactly the kind of innovative approaches to financing development that have become the hallmark of the GAVI business model. Learn more.

03 November 2011

June Pledging conference 3 Gates
Ben Fisher/GAVI/2011

Bill Gates’ report on financing for development to the leaders of the world's largest economies identifies the G20 as the key body that can bring resources, innovative ideas and leadership for development.

Deadly risks of rotavirus disease
Ryan Youngblood/GAVI/2011

GAVI has been a leading force in innovative finance for development, pioneering three mechanisms to deliver large-scale 'predictable' funds for its immunisation programmes: the International Finance Facility for Immunisation (IFFIm), the Advance Market Commitment (AMC) and, in 2011, the Matching Fund.

IFFIm raises finance by issuing 'vaccine bonds' in capital markets, converting long-term government pledges into immediate cash.
IFFIm 10
Olivier Asselin/WHO/08

To date, IFFIm has raised over US$ 3.5 billion for GAVI immunisation programmes.

Edy Purnomo/GAVI/07

The AMC accelerates the development and manufacture of vaccines for developing countries at affordable prices.

Kenya pneumococcal launch 3 First of three
Riccardo Gangale/GAVI/2011

Thanks to the pneumococcal AMC, affordable pneumococcal vaccines are now available to protect children in developing countries from the leading cause of the world's biggest killer of under-fives: pneumonia.  Since 2010, GAVI funding has helped 15 countries introduce pneumococcal vaccine into their national immunisation programmes.

Bill Gates and Andrew Mitchell pledging June
Ben Fisher/GAVI/2011

Through the GAVI Matching Fund, launched in 2011, contributions to GAVI from companies, foundations, their customers, employees and business partners are matched.

G20 logo 2011

The G20 includes 10 GAVI donors and two implementing countries, India and Indonesia. Together, these countries have helped lay the foundation in innovative finance leading to GAVI's success in preventing more than five million future deaths.

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