4th GAVI Partners' Forum

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Over 400 partners and stakeholders from 83 countries gathered in Hanoi for the 4th GAVI Partners' Forum, hosted by the Government of Vietnam from 18-20 November 2009

The Fourth GAVI Alliance Partners' Forum came at a critical moment for the Alliance.

GAVI's first 10 years have brought great achievements in global immunisation, opening the door to unprecedented opportunities to accelerate progress towards the Millennium Development Goals.

The Hanoi Forum allowed more than 400 partners and stakeholders, including 28 Government ministers from GAVI-eligible countries, to reflect on these opportunities in the context of today's financial realities.

Three objectives

Against this background, GAVI set three objectives for the event:

  • to share, celebrate and learn from the GAVI Alliance's results, innovations and impact to date;
  • to reaffirm and broaden the GAVI partnership by providing a forum to:
    - enable a range of existing partners to share their experiences and exchange ideas
    - strengthen the involvement of specific stakeholder groups, particularly civil society;
  • to identify key opportunities and challenges for the future and enable partners to inform GAVI's strategic direction for 2011-2015.
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