• Gavi mid-term review meeting 2013

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  • Delivering Together Event

    Together, the Alliance will take stock of its progress in reaching goals midway through its five-year strategy (2011-2015), as agreed at the replenishment meeting London in June 2011.


    Over 150 members of the GAVI Alliance are gathering in Stockholm on 30 October for a transparency and accountability meeting co-hosted by Sweden and Ghana, represented by Hillevi Engström, Minister for International Development Cooperation and His Excellency Dramani Mahama, President of Ghana.

  • Seth Berkley presentation to GAVI Mid-Term Review

    GAVI CEO reports back on the Alliance's progress halfway throughout its five year strategy

  • Photo gallery from the meeting

  • VIDEO: Delivering Together in 100 seconds

    100-second film specially produced for GAVI's Mid-Term Review meeting in Stockholm on 30 October 2013 shows how GAVI Alliance partners are "Delivering Together" to support the health and immunisation of children in the world's poorest countries.


    Delivering on the promise

    During the MTR, attendees will:

    • take stock of results since the London pledging conference;
    • discuss how to jointly mitigate challenges in achieving the goals set in London;
    • support the long-term sustainability of GAVI immunisation programmes.

    Long-term funding

    The MTR will build momentum toward GAVI’s second replenishment emphasising the need for long term predictable funding of GAVI programmes through to 2030.

    At the London Pledging Conference, nine donors out of nineteen pledged for the entire 2011-2015 period or beyond. It is therefore hoped that the donors who were not able to pledge for the entire period will extend their pledges to 2015 or beyond at the MTR.

    Additionally, matching and challenge funds represent a unique opportunity for new public and private donors to double their impact by releasing already pledged support that is conditional upon additional public and private funds being raised.

    Broad-based political and parliamentary support to ensure that all sovereign commitments are effectively delivered as pledged will be critical in delivering on the promise to save children’s lives and protect people’s health.

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