Alicia Keys and Stevie Wonder headline free concert to support global health

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Global Citizen Festival in New York to kick off new partnership between Global Poverty Project and the GAVI Alliance

GPP Concert 2012

Rocking out at the 2012 concert with Neil Young, Dave Grohl and Dan Auerbach

New York, 10 July 2013 – Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder, Kings of Leon and John Mayer are set to top the bill at the 2013 Global Citizen Festival, a free concert to raise awareness of global health and promote social activism to help end extreme poverty by 2030.

The Festival will take place on 28 September in New York’s Central Park, following the UN General Assembly. Organisers Global Poverty Project (GPP) plan to use the concert as an opportunity to put pressure on world leaders to invest more in health, education, women’s equality and global partnerships.

In partnership with GAVI, the GPP is calling for a million more community health workers and for all children to be immunised in the future, regardless of gender, geography or wealth. GAVI’s mission aims to ensure every child in the developing world is fully immunised.

Social activism

The 2013 Festival follows the success of last year’s inaugural concert, which helped secure more than US$ 1.3 billion partners’ anti-poverty projects.

Hugh Evans, CEO of The Global Poverty Project, emphasised the social aims behind the Festival. “This is not just a concert – we are building a movement of yearlong action by thousands of citizens. World leaders respond when citizens call for change. The Global Citizen Festival is that call,” he said.

Kings of Leon also stated their commitment to the Festival’s ethos: “Unlike anything else, music has the ability to transcend borders and connect people from all backgrounds. We couldn’t be more excited to play for 60,000 Global Citizens and help drive the change we need to end extreme poverty.”

How to get involved

Visit the Global Citizen Festival website ( to learn how you can earn points by promoting and lobbying for GPP’s causes on social media. Participants who earn 10 points on will be entered into the ticket ballot.

Rewarded activities range from sharing a relevant page on Facebook (one point) and signing a petition (two points), to contacting high level politicians about GPP’s chosen issues (five points). Around 54,000 free tickets will be given away from 22 July.

To gain points and become part of the Global Citizenship community, follow the GAVI Alliance on Twitter @Gavi, our CEO Seth Berkley @GaviSeth, and the Global Citizen @GLBLCTZN.

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