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GAVI partners give a personal take on the Mid-Term Review, immunisation and the Alliance’s performance against its strategic goals

MTR quote John Mahama 2 

His Excellency Dramani Mahama, President of Ghana (co-host of the MTR)

This is not just the Mid-Term Review but one step on the continual path to securing long-term sustainable immunisation programmes. On behalf of the millions children that have received vaccines, I want to say thank you to GAVI.

MTR quote Hillevi 

Hillevi Engström, Minister for International Development Cooperation, Sweden (co-host of the MTR)

We think that your model is very effective. What you have improved so far is impressive. We will continue to support GAVI and we will make our contribution even more next year.

MTR quote Dagfinn Høybråten 

Dagfinn Hoybraten, GAVI Alliance Board Chair

We are all there, the partners are all there. I have no better picture than what happens in my local community in Norway when there is a problem. If we need to fix something, like tidy up the neighbourhood, we call it dugnad. It means what we do in GAVI: coming together to fix a problem. The contribution of everyone is important.

MTR quote Seth Berkley 

Seth Berkley, GAVI CEO

We are trying our hardest to look for truth, to be honest, to understand what we’re doing well and what we’re not doing well. So it’s an opportunity for you, friends of GAVI to help us make a better GAVI, and make a better world for all children.

MTR quote Geeta Gupta 

Dr. Geeta Rao Gupta, Deputy Executive Director, UNICEF

The reason for GAVI’s success is it’s a partnership. It’s the public and private sector working together to achieve a common goal and that’s what accounts for its success.

MTR quote Chris Elias 

Dr. Christopher J. Elias, President of the Global Development Program, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

This is a chance to celebrate one of our oldest and largest investments and to do so with a community of friends that has helped us give the chance for everyone to realise the aspiration for every child to have a healthy and productive life.


Dr. Asamoa-Baah, Deputy Director General, WHO

We believe GAVI is already a success but it is important that GAVI becomes a sustainable success. GAVI started as a baby but now it has become the giant on the immunisation scene so what GAVI does or does not do, becomes an issue.

MTR quote Tim Evens 

Dr. Tim Evans, Director, Health, Nutrition and Population, World Bank

What is the timeframe, the end game for GAVI – the need for a longer term financing strategy … We have to make sure that immunisation is not only central to the Ministry of Health and their policies, but that the Ministry of Finance understands immunisation. We can help with this. We need to make sure that immunisation is in the budget.

MTR quote Felix Kabange 

H.E. Felix Kabange, Minister of Health, Democratic Republic of the Congo

GAVI impact on the DRC’s immunisation has been extraordinary. Ten years ago, many medical districts had less than 50% immunisation coverage. This year, many districts have over 80% coverage thanks to the contribution of GAVI and its partners.


Rene Karsenti, Chairman of IFFIm Board

So far IFFIm has been successful in contributing substantially to GAVI achievements. The challenge will be to provide sufficient pledges from our different donors and new donors to continue this noble mission.

MTR quote Huda Oleru 

Huda Oleru, MP, Chair person of Ugandan parliamentary forum on immunisation

GAVI has helped us introduce new vaccines. We have introduced human papillomavirus and pneumococcal vaccines. These are new vaccines, which are very expensive. Without GAVI support, my country wouldn’t at this moment have introduced these vaccines.

MTR quote Pie Thet Khin 

H.E. Pe Thet Khin, Minister of Health, Myanmar

Life expectancy in Myanmar is 65-years but 85-years in Japan. My fellow ministers ask how come we have to die 20 years earlier than our Japanese colleagues. It’s because too many children die before the age of five and this changes the average. The causes are preventable diseases like diarrhoea and pneumonia. Immunisation is key to reducing under-five mortality.


Jasmine Whitbread, CEO, Save the Children International

Civil society would like to work with GAVI partners in the second-half of the strategy period to develop an equity policy and make equity a priority in the next strategy. We would also like to work with partners to amplify the success stories and give a sense of progress.

MTR quote Donall Brown 

Donal Brown, Head of Global Funds, Department for International Development UK

There is no doubt that GAVI is a premier league club and it may even be at the top of the league, but as we’ve seen with Manchester Utd, it’s not easy to stay there. Many of the low hanging fruit have been plucked and we need to refocus and not sit on our laurels.

MTR quote Mahima Datla 

Mahima Datla, Managing Director, Biological E Ltd

GAVI’s work in understanding vaccine introductions and strategic demand forecasting has created an improved sense of predictability and this has been crucial for the industry.


H.E. Hanny-Sherry Ayitey, Minister of Health, Ghana

Our health workers are proud of what they are doing. It is the commitment through our communities that is enabling us to make leaps and bounds in our immunisation programme. I hope Ghana can be an inspiration for others in other parts of the world.

MTR quote Wayne Madden 

Mr. Wayne Madden, Chairman, Lions Club International Foundation

Lions are extraordinary fundraisers but the thing that really makes Lions valuable is not the money that we raise but the feet that we have on the ground. Lions will play a key role in the mobilisation role for the vaccine campaigns that GAVI supports.

MTR quote Bill Roedy 

Mr. William Roedy, GAVI Alliance Envoy

When you go to a field clinic, you can see the magic of vaccines in the mothers. They’ve walked long distances and waited in long queues but excitement and hope fills their faces. Let’s spread the hope and let’s spread the magic of vaccines.

MTR quote Lord Paul Boateng 

Lord Paul Boateng, Member of the House of Lords, United Kingdom parliament

We have to continue to maintain the momentum. It’s that last difficult to reach fifth child who are particularly disadvantaged, who are very often affected by extremes of poverty, who aren’t getting the access they need.

MTR quote Ramanan 

Ramanan Laxminarayan, Vice president of research at the public health foundation of India

GAVI has had a tremendous impact by bringing donor funding in a very focused way on routine immunisation and enabling many countries to bring on board new vaccines that they might not have done on their own.

MTR quote Hans Rosling 

Professor Hans Rosling

We used to have a developing world with high child mortality against an industrialised world with low mortality but that was to change and one of the drivers was the gradual access to vaccines.

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