Understanding the value of vaccines

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GAVI convenes health economists and other experts to discuss a research programme into the wider value of vaccines. Learn more about the outcome of the meeting.


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Geneva, 14 January 2013 - GAVI is bringing together a group of experts this week to better understand the full value of vaccines. 

As well as preventing death and illness, we know that vaccines make a broader contribution to human and economic development. Some of the ways in which this happens are already well understood: children who are healthy do not require medical treatment or care that costs money; their families are then able to spend or save this money in other ways.

Further research

Other known and potential impacts require further research. For example: what is the link between vaccines, health and educational achievement? How can we measure the connection between childhood health and future economic prospects?

A group of 25 health economists and other experts from around the world are meeting in Annecy, France, to debate these and other related issues, and to agree on a programme of future research to answer some of the key questions raised.

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