GSK commits to five-year price freeze for GAVI graduating countries

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CEO Sir Andrew Witty outlines commitment to supporting countries as they move forward

Brussels Andrew Witty

GSK CEO Sir Andrew Witty speaking at the GAVI Alliance replenishment launch meeting in Brussels.
Credit: GAVI/2014/Bernal Revert.

Brussels, 20 May 2014 - GlaxoSmithKline today committed to supporting developing countries that have growing economies by offering a five year freeze on vaccines prices for countries who graduate away from GAVI Alliance support.

Sir Andrew Witty, CEO of GSK, told the GAVI Alliance replenishment launch meeting in Brussels today that the company is taking a “pragmatic” approach to vaccine pricing for countries that have growing economies to avoid creating a “strange economic dynamic” where national resources are over-stretched as countries graduate.

He added: “We want not just to help people when they are on their knees but to continue to help them when they stand up and move forward.”

The announcement means that countries graduating from GAVI Alliance support will still have access to the price that GAVI pays for GSK’s vaccine for five years from the date of graduation.

Sir Andrew also called on donors to back the Alliance’s call for US$ 7.5 billion in donor funding to support immunisation programmes in developing countries from 2016-2020, saying: “I hope governments recognise the excellent value that GAVI creates.”

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