Reimbursement of misused amounts identified in Gavi Cash Programme Audit in Nigeria

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Statement from Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

Geneva, 30 July 2015 - In October 2014, following the completion of the Cash Programme Audit (CPA) of its programmes in Nigeria, Gavi finalised its audit report. The audit scope covered the expenditures incurred and procurement activities conducted at the Federal Ministry of Health, the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA), and states in the fiscal years 2011-2013.

In a joint letter of understanding signed by the then Minister of Health and the Gavi CEO, it was agreed in principle by the Minister to repay any funds identified as having been misused.

The CPA determined that US$ 2.2 million had been misused. In accordance with the joint letter of understanding, and in line with Gavi and Nigeria’s Partnership Framework Agreement (PFA), co-signed by the then Minister of Health, the then Minister of Finance and the Gavi CEO, Gavi requested reimbursement of the identified US$ 2.2 million.

The PFA, which sets out the terms and conditions for the Government to receive support from Gavi, indicates that Gavi shall have the right in its absolute discretion but acting reasonably to determine whether Gavi’s funds have been used solely to fund the programme activities or whether they have been misused (in full or in part). Gavi has since been fully reimbursed. An agreed extended audit is now underway to examine certain expenditures in more depth, and to review other periods not covered in the initial audit.

Gavi has a zero tolerance approach to misuse of funds and shall seek reimbursement when such cases are found. Gavi funding is used to increase access to immunisation for children in the world’s poorest countries. Since 2000, Gavi has invested almost $10 billion to support more than 70 developing countries to immunise over half a billion children, leading to seven million future deaths being averted.

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