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Network of 18 donor countries assesses Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance’s performance


Geneva, 21 March 2017 – Gavi is an effective, ‘fit for purpose’ organisation, scoring top ratings in a number key performance areas, according to the Multilateral Organisation Performance Assessment Network (MOPAN).

In its second institutional review of the organisation, MOPAN commends Gavi as being both “strategic and nimble in meeting new vaccine challenges and countries’ evolving needs, while keeping a clear focus on its mission goals.” Gavi is also recognised as being a “strong model for sustainability”.

MOPAN is a network of 18 donor countries, representing 95% of Overseas Development Assistance (ODA), which assesses the effectiveness of the multilateral organisations that receive development and humanitarian funding.

“Gavi has a clear long-term vision based on a distinct business and partnership model” states the report. “It plays a catalytic role in expanding immunisation coverage and shaping the global vaccine market.”

The review, covering the period from 2014 to mid-2016, notes that Gavi demonstrates transparency and accountability in its operations, with strong compliance with fiduciary and social requirements and safeguards. It has recently strengthened its internal audit and risk management functions to meet its increased organisational ambition, complexity and size.

As a performance and results orientated organisation, “Gavi has a clear framework of indicators, targets and metrics at the country level. Results-based management is integral to its planning and grant allocation.”

The report recognises Gavi as a ‘learning organisation’, giving top overall scores in indicators related to management and performance. It also notes Gavi’s strong commitment to gender, governance and effective advocacy.

Gavi particularly welcomes the identification of areas for further improvement, many of which are already being addressed. These include strengthening implementation of Gavi’s environmental approach; a clearer results framework for health system strengthening interventions; and a more systematic use of evidence and evaluations.

“Gavi is a results-driven, transparent and accountable organisation,” said Dr Seth Berkley, CEO of Gavi the Vaccine Alliance. “So we welcome this kind of external scrutiny that helps us do a better job of reaching the world’s children with immunisation. By investing in Gavi, donors can be confident that they are helping save the lives of millions of children in the world’s poorest countries, one of the best investments of all”.

The review assesses all of Gavi’s key functions, including strategic, operational, relationship and performance management, as well as results, sustainability and efficiency. The last MOPAN assessment of Gavi was published in 2012.

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