Review commends Gavi’s ‘great success’ in shaping vaccine markets, value for money and transparency


Credit: Gavi/2016.

Geneva, 1 December 2016 - The UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) has given Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance the highest possible rating in its latest Multilateral Development Review.

The review ranked Gavi’s organisational strengths in the best-in-class category, with particularly strong scores for comparative advantage, controlling costs and transparency.

Dr Seth Berkley, CEO of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, said: “The UK Department for International Development’s multilateral reviews have become an internationally-recognised benchmark, casting expert eyes onto our results and processes and, importantly, letting us know when we’re veering off course. That is why I’m delighted that Gavi has been recognised as one of the highest-performing organisations, which is a testament to the hard work of Gavi staff and all the partners we work with across the globe. There is no room for complacency, but I firmly believe UK taxpayers can be proud of the lifesaving work they are supporting through Gavi, preventing the deaths of millions of children in the world’s poorest countries.”

The Multilateral Development Review evaluates every multilateral organisation DFID funds against six areas, which are then split into the ‘Match with UK Priorities Index' and the ‘Organisational Strengths Index’. Each organisation is given a rating in each index from ‘weak’ to ‘very good’. Gavi was marked as 'very good' in both categories. 

Priti Patel, UK International Development Secretary, says in the foreword to the Review: “Organisations like Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, are in many ways one of the best parts of our aid effort, saving millions of lives with our investment.”

The Review summary states: “[Gavi] has demonstrated great success in shaping global vaccine markets and is well placed to deliver the UK government's manifesto commitment on immunising children. Gavi demonstrates strong value for money and a high degree of transparency.”

The Review also challenges Gavi to engage earlier and more effectively with countries transitioning away from Gavi support and to further strengthen wider health partnerships with other organisations.

The latest Multilateral Development Review builds on Gavi’s strong performances in DFID’s 2011 and 2013 Multilateral Aid Reviews, which, after carefully reviewing dozens of international development institutions found the Vaccine Alliance to be ‘very good value for money’. In 2013 the Multilateral Organisation Performance Assessment Network (MOPAN) also recognised Gavi for its effectiveness and its focus on results.


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