Lao People's Democratic Republic, which hosts the Gavi Board meeting from 29-30 November, is one of 20 countries scheduled to fully sustain its own immunisation programme by 2021.

From Government ministers in Vientiane to health professionals delivering vaccines along the Mekong River, listen to the hopes and concerns of the people driving Laos' journey to transition.

Six essential steps to sustainability:

Political will: Ensure Government commitment to the right of every citizen to vaccination

Finance: Secure a budget line guaranteeing full funding of vaccines

Immunisation: Connect with grassroot communities to make families aware of vaccines

Coverage: Build top to bottom public health structure to ensure the highest coverage possible

Health services: Train all health personnel to carry out vaccination

Partnership: Work as a team with Gavi to identify the right kind of technical support



Dr Anonh Xeuatvongsa

Lao PDR: Q&A with manager for the National Expanded Programme on Immunization  

VIDEO: Reaching isolated communities

It takes a long boat journey up the Mekong River to reach some of Lao PDR’s most isolated children.

VIDEO: Integrating health services

Immunisation efforts in Lao PDR bring much wider health benefits to communities.

VIDEO: The extraordinary bike of Keokou

How one motorcycle carries the futures of hundreds of children.

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