Lucy Elliott is Gavi’s Managing Director of Audit & Investigations (A&I), a team of dedicated audit and investigation professionals who assist Gavi’s management and stakeholders in accomplishing its objectives by providing risk-based assurance, advice and insight. A&I encompasses Internal Audit; Programme Audit; Investigations and Counter-Fraud; and Whistleblower Reporting.

Lucy reports to the Board and to the CEO, and A&I has no direct operational responsibility or authority over any of the activities it reviews, thus ensuring objectivity and independence.

Prior to joining Gavi in 2022, Lucy’s career of more than 35 years spanned senior assurance and governance positions in international organisations and the private sector; she has audited in over 30 countries worldwide. Recently, she served as the Director of Internal Audit, Director of Evaluation and Director of the Council Secretariat at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and as Director of Internal Audit for the World Food Programme of the United Nations. Lucy is a UK Chartered Accountant with a degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge.

Lucy is passionate about supporting Gavi’s mission and protecting organisational value through demonstrated assurance and integrity, in a constructive and collaborative relationship with Gavi’s management and stakeholders.

Last updated: 1 Sep 2023

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