As the world's biggest buyer and supplier of vaccines for developing countries, UNICEF has a pivotal role both in implementing immunisation programmes in Gavi-supported countries and in shaping the Vaccine Alliance's policies. It is one of four permanent members of the Gavi Board.

It helps countries analyse and overcome obstacles to improving immunisation coverage and equity, and works with WHO to support countries applying for and implementing health system strengthening grants.

In close collaboration with ministries of health, local leaders, media and civil society, UNICEF works to motivate communities and ensure they have accurate, trusted, and reliable information on the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.


In 2014 UNICEF's Supply Division in Copenhagen, Denmark, procured all the vaccines for Gavi-supported programmes at a total cost of US$ 1 billion; UNICEF's total procurement of vaccines in 2014 amounted to US$ 1.48 billion.

In addition to vaccines and equipment, the Supply Division also provides technical assistance and management support to the Vaccine Alliance. It promotes vaccine security by working with manufacturers to ensure a reliable supply of quality and affordable vaccines and with developing governments to assess their vaccine needs.

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UNICEF is proud to be part of Gavi. Together, we are bridging the gap between life-saving vaccines and the millions of children who need them.

Henrietta Fore

Executive Director of UNICEF

Last updated: 17 Feb 2020

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